Which one should the air conditioner switch be?

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The ac switch on the car is an AC button.1, the vehicle central air conditioning has three adjustments, such as displacement, temperature and wind frequency.The exhaust air volume function key is the symbol of the small fan, the temperature function key is generally the symbol of the thermometer, and the wind frequency is generally the arrow symbol of the sitting person and the wind frequency.If the most common cooling feature of car air conditioning is the air conditioning key, it is the air conditioning in summer can lower the temperature of the car.It also has the effect of heating, that is, heating up the wind in winter.2. It is also very important to adjust the internal and external circulation of automobile air conditioning.If you’re driving in a heavily polluted environment, you should open the car’s internal circulation to block outside gases.The car internal circulation function key, “the car internal circulation system has arrow symbol” sign, if the car internal circulation is opened, it means that the wind blown by the fan is in the car circulation system, which is a bit similar to closing the door blowing fan.3, there is a car cycle function key, natural car cycle function key, natural car air conditioning default setting for the car cycle, so some cars do not have this function key.The difference between them is that the external circulation is where the fan draws in air from outside the car and blows it into the car to keep it fresh.