20 years ago, China football team 2-0 and 1-0 double beat Oman into the World Cup!Twenty years later, the National team returned 0-2

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# China 0-2 Oman # : Don’t watch China, there is no doubt about losing!!The national football team played very stable, the whole people know!As for whether it will be more stable than it is now, I think this is a philosophical question!Worth thinking about!Twenty years ago, China beat Oman 2-0 and 1-0 to reach the World Cup.Twenty years later, China’s national football team returned 0-2, we last night in-depth article interpretation of Oman 1-0 or 2-0 is correct # Xu Zhaoqun Football commentary # Qatar 2022 Asian Cup Qualifiers round 12 final round, Saudi Arabia host against Australia.In the end, Saudi Arabia beat Australia 1-0, 7 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss accumulated 23 points, and qualified for the World Cup as group one.Australia finished third in their group and will play the United Arab Emirates for a World Cup ticket through a play-off.Last night also talked about Saudi Arabia home fans 60 million people, Australia has eliminated, so Saudi Arabia win the game is a high probability thing, correct.This season, the team is to release a lot of strength players, six league war, Ryukyu FC ranked second from the bottom of the league, defensive end is extremely bad, the number of goals conceded is the league the most!6 rounds of league down, Tokyo Green is never lost, now ranking is the third in the standings, the visiting team belongs to the attack is stronger than the defense of the team, the defense is not stable, but the firepower of the front line is very strong, among them the midfield general Sugimoto Longshi is alone scored four goals!Game 2, Sakawa Machida vs Omiya Squirrel Game 3, Japan b Sendai Tanabata vs Oita Samigami Game 4 Yokohama FC at yamagata Yamagami Game 5, Gunma Onsen at Nagasaki Mancini’s Italy are experts at undefeated, but not at winning.Italy have won just two of their eight games since the European Championship, one of them against Lithuania.In fact, Italy have been in a dubious state since the knockout stages of the European Championship: only one of their four knockout games has been won in regular time, thanks to Insigne’s world wave.What do you think?