Bear the ancient and seek the good with the new

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Source: People’s Daily lv Renhe’s recent photo.Lu Renhe, the third master of Traditional Chinese medicine, doctoral supervisor of TCM internal Medicine of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, academic leader of endocrinology of TCM internal Medicine and nephropathy of Key disciplines of State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine.In 1956, he was admitted to Beijing University of Chinese Medicine (now Known as Beijing University of Chinese Medicine) and has been engaged in clinical work in Dongzhimen Hospital of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine since his graduation in August 1962.At the age of 87, Lui has been making house calls twice a week for nearly 60 years.In Beijing Dongzhimen Hospital chaoyang Garden, reporters saw Lu Renhe, he just finished hospitalization, the body is recovering well.”I haven’t done anything,” he says in his thick Shanxi accent. “I’ve been sick all my life.Seeing patients is my profession.”It is not easy to treat diabetes with the high incidence of the disease, complications and complicated etiology, but Lv Renhe is more energetic with diabetes.Many years later, Lu Renhe clearly remembered the patient Liu Aunt.Under the meticulous treatment of Lu Renhe, Liu’s blood sugar index became normal.But as soon as the index returned to normal, she couldn’t stop eating and drinking.She likes ice cream most, sometimes can eat five or six in a row.As soon as she fell ill, Aunt Liu came to Lu Renhe for treatment.Lv Renhe differentiated the symptoms and applied the right medicine, one prescription to solve a group of problems, constantly adjusting the Chinese medicine prescription, lowering blood sugar, controlling blood pressure, clearing liver fire…Finally let Aunt Liu’s body index return to normal.It was Lu renhe’s unique understanding of diabetes that helped Liu to cure her chronic disease.The Chinese name for diabetes is diabetes.In clinical practice, Lu Renhe, according to huangdi Neijing, divided diabetes into three stages, namely, an illusion of spleen, an illusion of thirst, and an illusion of despair, and made diagnosis and treatment based on syndrome differentiation, which was conducive to the study of symptoms and manifestations of diabetes at different stages, so as to take corresponding intervention measures.From “three types of diabetes syndrome differentiation” to “3 period” syndrome differentiation, 40:2169 and open up a new train of thought for Chinese medicine treatment of diabetes, formed the prevention and control of diabetes and its complications, based on “258” plan, “six to make a diagnosis and give treatment, chronic kidney disease (CKD) and other academic thought and experience, based on different stages and help many patients to strong optimism against disease.Lui sets health and longevity as the twin goals of his diabetes treatment.”For diseases such as diabetes, which cannot be completely cured, symptoms and complications should be reduced as much as possible to improve the quality of life of patients and enable them to live a healthier and longer life,” he said.”No abnormality was found in both kidneys and bladder.”Huang, 72, could not believe her eyes as she read the b-scan report again and again.Just 87 days ago, Huang was worried about her illness.Examination of her left kidney revealed a large amount of hydronephrosis, which could lead to renal necrosis if not treated in time.Went to a lot of big hospitals, no good treatment plan.At her wit’s end, she was recommended to Lui Renhe.After listening to Huang patiently, Lu renhe drew a diagram of the kidney and explained how it worked.”As long as there is no more than 100 milliliters of urine left, there is no backflow to the kidney and there is no need to carry a urine bag.”Lu renhe dispelled the cloud in Granny Huang’s mind.Huang was so impressed by her first visit that Lu wrote three sentences on the back of the prescription: “Don’t overwork, you don’t feel tired.Don’t get angry in a hurry;Eat moderately (not too hungry, not too full).”Everything Dr. Lu said touched my heart.”Grandma Huang said.After 1 month of treatment, b-ultrasound examination showed only a small amount of hydrocephalus.Two months later, no abnormality was found.Grandma Huang was a little uneasy, so she did a third examination. There was no water in her kidney.”You relieved my worries with your excellent medical skills and warmed my heart with your sincere care…Thank you, my esteemed doctor!”Grandma Huang wrote a long paragraph expressing her gratitude to Lu Renhe.Lu couldn’t remember how many patients he saw, including Grandma Huang.He used to write four prescriptions in a row, but he would write four in a row, which would make 16 prescriptions.”The medicine should be light, the prescription should be smaller.”Lu Renhe said, different symptoms with different drugs, the prescription is more open.Even if you cure the disease, you don’t know which medicine is working.He sought remedies from traditional Chinese medicine classics such as Treatise on Typhoid and Miscellaneous Diseases, and kept reducing the number of drugs he used.Today, Lui lists only three drugs in a row, and typically only eight or nine.This can not only ensure the curative effect, but also reduce the dosage, reduce the burden of patients.In lu Renhe Traditional Chinese Medicine Master inheritance Studio, Lu Renhe and his disciples held a unique academic seminar.After the meeting, each disciple submits a formal report, with a photo of himself and the name of his mentor.One PhD student said the seminar was a rare opportunity for advancement.Research report is the same disciples with the same stage competition, which let oneself dare not have the slightest slack off.He has been teaching TCM for more than 50 years. He has trained 3 post-doctors, 17 doctors and 18 masters, and taught more than 400 students.He is very strict with his students.In 2021, Lu renhe and his disciples Zhao Jinxi and Wang Shidong jointly recruited and supervised doctoral students.During the interview, he creatively showed candidates a piece of white paper with ink stains on it and asked, “What do you think of when you see ink stains?”Lu renhe likes to guide students to improve their memory ability by association and reasoning, and advocates students to save time and improve efficiency.”I pay attention not only to character and moral education, but also to the cultivation of students’ abilities.”Lu renhe said.Lu renhe inherited the ideas of famous TCM teachers such as Shi Jinmo, Qin Bowei and Zhu Chen Yu.Academically, he placed special emphasis on the study of the Yellow Emperor’s Inner Canon, which was influenced by Zhu Chen Yu.Lv Renhe recalled: “I wish Chen Yu that the vast sea of traditional Chinese medicine books, we must seize the focus, the focus is the” Yellow Emperor neijing.”I wish Chen Yu also took Lu Renhe to Shi Jinmo home with the teacher copy.”To develop TCM, first of all, the past should be used for the present.The second is foreign for China, and strive to use.Shi jinmo’s teachings have benefited me all my life.”Lu renhe said.At that time, Qin bowei was also teaching at Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and made ward rounds every week.Lu renhe remembered that in the ward, Qin bowei liked to talk about the Yin and Yang balance theory of The Yellow Emperor’s Inner Canon and asked everyone to recite it.Qin Bowei’s academic thoughts have influenced Lu Renhe to this day.”The key is to use it.The key to learning ancient things is to connect with modern clinical practice and apply what you have learned.Good recruitment, the key is good.Learning today’s knowledge is to improve clinical efficacy and promote academic progress of TCM.”Lu asked young TCM practitioners to familiarize themselves with the classics, lay a solid foundation of TCM, keep pace with The Times, and constantly update the knowledge base so that TCM can reach out to the world and serve more people.(Reporter Wang Junping) People’s Daily (March 16, 2022, 11th edition)