Green 21+5+5, cutton Mobley 29+12, the rockets beat the Cavs

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On February 3, Beijing time, the NBA regular season will bring the eastern conference and the Western conference team showdown: the Eastern dark team of the Cavaliers to challenge the start of the rebuilding Houston Rockets.The Cavs are on fire, winning nine of their last 11 games.The rockets, who have lost four in a row and 11 in a row at home, are 15th in the Western Conference.Before the game, there was a lot of talk about the Rockets wanting to trade veteran Gordon to big tower Wood. Watch this game.Rockets: Green, Porter, Gordon, Tate, Wood Knight:Ottoman, goodwin, Mr Luo, cuttino mobley, Alan is also a big attraction of the game 2 is compared with the performance of vice-mayor cuttino mobley, green, two people inside a perimeter, the rockets in the 2021 NBA draft once in two people wandering, finally the rockets choose green on the perimeter, knight in line to choose 2 inside cuttino mobley, knights of the game in the first section 7-0 preempt the start,No. 2 pick Drayton Green scored 11 points in the first quarter to lead the rockets, but the two teams played a very tense game, but the final minutes of the rockets Wood and Porter led the team to a 10-0 run, killing the game.The Rockets ended an embarrassing four-game losing streak and an embarrassing 11-game losing streak with a 115-104 home victory over the Cavaliers.Cavs rookie Cuttino Mobley finished with 29 points and 12 rebounds, while Rockets no. 2 draymond Green had 21 points, five rebounds and five assists.Cavs: Cuttino Mobley with 29 points and 12 rebounds, Love with 21 points and 13 rebounds, Chady Osman with 13 points, Okoro with 11 points, Allen with 11 rebounds, Goodwin with 7 points, 7 rebounds and 8 assists, Stevens with 7 points for rockets:Green had 21 points, five rebounds and five assists, Wood 21 points, six rebounds and four assists, Matthews 16 points and five rebounds, Porter 16 points and seven assists, Gordon 11 points, Sagu nine points and eight rebounds, Martin 10 points, Tate six points and five rebounds