Hometown in memory

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My hometown is located in a rural area in northeast Fujian, Xiyang Village, Fuding City.In my memory, there were a lot of people in my hometown, and the streets were also very busy on the “Chasing market Day” every two days of the lunar calendar. There were primary and middle schools in the village, which were not found in other towns in the whole city.So I am not leave home before high school, although there is no feeling is too big to the prosperous city, not like the big cities of the children to learn many other skills, but we had a happy childhood, childhood learning is not the only, our children should have the appearance of children, learning should enjoy their happy childhood,This is something that children in big cities can’t enjoy.Now he has already passed and stand, their children also slowly grow up, more and more feel that the children if there is a way we used to look, that is how happy ah, now the children are learning, free time but also on this class, that class.Going out to play is out of the question.Time goes back to my old home.When I was young, I was deeply impressed by the fact that our primary school at that time was not what it is now. It was in the ancestral hall of our village at that time, which is hard for children to imagine.Because there is no own teaching building, the primary school and the ancestral hall together.School is a rectangle, the most is the resting place of our ancestors, from inside to outside the middle is open ground playground, one side is our teaching building, from inside to outside, is the first grade to the fifth grade.I have the impression that when I was a child, I was naughty and naughty in reading, and I ran away from class. The gate outside could not go out, and the class time was locked, but there was a way for us to make trouble and climb out of the ancestral hall.The innermost row of houses is our ancestral hall, there is a high wall, stacked with stones, so it is very easy to climb up, the wall is a piece of bamboo forest, out of the bamboo forest is our vast world.Now it seems that the bamboo forest is actually very small, unlike when I thought it was a big forest.Later, the village’s primary school moved, the children have a new teaching building, a playground, a basketball court, and a 400-meter running track.The ancestral hall has also been rebuilt into a special ancestral hall, which is also very magnificent, and there are no children climbing the walls in it.There are old streets in my hometown, one we call the old street, on both sides of which are the earliest old houses in our village.The other is the new street, about 500 meters, both sides are brick new houses, the street is only about 4 meters, but when I was a child sleep this new street is very long, can let us spend a day.New street is a place where every second “driven market day”, but that day when the other village next door, and a few door county border village will stall is over to our side, we call it for the fair, as a child in the street that day all sell goods by shouts, buy bargain, we these children are also through the day, met in the street in the village what you haven’t seen,When I was a child, tape records were my favorite stalls. At that time, we felt that we were rich. Later, when we went out of our hometown to study in other places, we realized that the streets of our hometown were too short and the villagers could easily satisfy themselves.Later, the village built a new road, from the city to the town, in our village, the road is also six meters of cement hardening road.Now slowly market day also only in the impression of the small and medium-sized appearance.Speaking of my hometown, what impresses me most is the second day of the Chinese New Year every year.In my hometown, we had such a custom at that time. On the day of the second day of junior high school, we worshipped the big birthday and begged for red envelopes.According to the old man in the village, what refers to here is too long, it is the big birthday of full 10, begin from 50 years old, the people in the village takes seriously quite, no matter how busy the children in the home are, can rush back from outside, give parents happy birthday.While send visitors something custom, about from the qing dynasty began to come down, the earliest time is peanuts, melon seeds, such as snacks, useful wrapped in plastic bags, as the improvement of economic conditions, the late someone start packing for custom symbol of their logo, and now, in order to save trouble, just changed my hair red envelopes, from the beginning of the yuan, gradually turned into two or three yuan.At four or five o ‘clock in the morning, the children would get up from bed, braving the hazy fog, or in some years, braving the snow, to the village to pay New Year’s greetings to the elderly who had been celebrating their birthday, so that they could get peanuts and other snacks.After the conditions are good, we will change the red envelope, a red envelope a piece of two pieces so that the children are very happy.Later this custom also slowly changed, adults also followed the children to go to the town, the city is also a car of big people and children came.Behind the village decided to stop this custom, every year the second day of the children are at home to sleep late.I do not say this change is good or bad, but listen to the old people say that the second year this also has hundreds of years of history, so stop a little pity, fortunately, my children still have to go home to feel this custom for a few years.My hometown is in my impression, my hometown when I was a child has been unable to go back, with the development of the village, many things are different, things are moving forward, hometown is also in development, but the memory of the hometown has been more and more far, has been unable to go back.