The railway transport capacity of main logistics channel in our province has been significantly improved

2022-06-30 0 By

In recent years, our province has accelerated the construction of high-speed railways, including Ji-Qing high-speed railway, Shi-Ji Passenger railway, Shandong section of Nan-Shandong High-speed Railway and Weilai high-speed railway, which have shifted the passenger flow of universal high-speed railway and improved the freight capacity of universal high-speed railway in the same region.We will speed up the construction of the Universal-Speed railway, complete the project of connecting lines between the Universal-speed railway and the Hangzhou-Jinan Jiaojia-Jinan railway, carry out the capacity expansion and renovation project of the Zhangdong Railway, and will soon complete the capacity expansion and renovation project of the Dalailong Railway, and complete the construction of a freight railway network with four horizontal and four vertical lines.By the end of 2021, the total length of railways in operation in The province has reached 7,270 kilometers, including 2,319 kilometers of high-speed railways and 4,951 kilometers of universal high-speed railways.A total of 6,020 kilometers of electrified railways and 4,596 kilometers of double-track railways have been built, accounting for 82.8 percent and 63.2 percent of the railways respectively.In 2021, railway cargo turnover in the province will reach 166.759 billion ton-km, with a year-on-year increase of 7.2%.A figure read | 2022 province transportation work report in 2022, the province’s transportation work conference held in jinan a figure understand | the “difference” comprehensive transportation development plan in shandong province of shandong province transportation hall in-depth study and implement the national comprehensive three-dimensional transportation network planning outline: look!This is shandong traffic in 2025