“He ting medicine” 10 multivariate with the distinction of a few cents have how old?How to choose?Look at this article

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“Medicine is three points of poison”, I believe this sentence we have heard, we generally believe that medicine can not only treat the disease, but also bring some side effects, therefore, we do not want to take medicine.However, there are always some people who suffer from some diseases and need to be treated with drugs, or even take related drugs for a long time. Will the side effects of long-term use of drugs become bigger and bigger?In my opinion, as long as there are drugs, there will be certain side effects, long-term use of drugs, of course, will be affected by drugs, so how can we reduce the side effects of drugs?Some people say that the same effect of drugs, choose more expensive, side effects may be less, is this true?Today we’re going to talk about statins as an example.What are statins?Statins, in fact, are relatively comprehensive lipid-regulating drugs, and of course, they are also the most effective drugs for the prevention and treatment of coronary heart disease.In life, there are some people, they suffer from hyperlipidemia, that is, high blood lipid, this disease is generally more prone to obese people, of course, there are middle-aged and elderly people.Hyperlipidemia can directly cause some serious diseases harmful to human health, such as coronary heart disease, pancreatitis, etc. Therefore, such patients need to take statins at this time.In recent years, studies have found that statins can not only prevent and treat coronary heart disease, but also have various lipid-lowering effects. These drugs can relieve rejection reaction after organ transplantation, fight alzheimer’s disease and fight tumor, so statins have good effects on patients.Of course, as we said, it’s the drug of the three poisons. Statins can treat a variety of diseases, but what about the side effects?According to studies, in general, patients who are on statins for a long period of time may have a hyperglycemic response, which is what we call an increase in blood sugar, but there are also people who may have a hypoglycemic response.Long-term use of statins will not only affect blood glucose, but also may lead to memory loss or loss, confusion of thinking, and even rare cognitive impairment. Of course, most of these are not serious and reversible reactions, which can be recovered after the withdrawal of such drugs.Ii. What are the differences between statins?Regardless of their side effects, statins are in great demand for people with diseases such as coronary heart disease, some of which are chronic conditions that require long-term statin use without fundamental treatment.Whether in hospitals or pharmacies, there are many different types of statins, some are more than ten yuan a pill, some are only a few cents a pill, so what is the difference between drugs?First of all, statins are both imported and domestic, and of course, the imported ones are much more expensive than the domestic ones, which seems to be the consensus.What are the costs of imported statins?In fact, imported drugs are “original developed drugs”. What is the original developed drugs?In layman’s terms, the original drug is the first drug to be developed.Have to admit that some foreign science and technology is indeed more developed than domestic, for some medical disease research, drug invention often will be one step ahead, statins is such.It is not easy for enterprises to develop a new drug, which requires not only a lot of financial support, but also a large number of excellent scientific researchers and of course certain medical theory support.Drug synthesis, drug effect, drug quality, etc., are required layer upon layer of checks, and the development of new drugs, but also through several rounds of clinical trials, to ensure the effect of new drugs and the safety of new drugs.That’s why the price of the original drug is high.The reason why generic drugs are much cheaper is that the original drug will have a patent protection period, when the protection period expires, other drug manufacturers will copy the new drug, without the initial investment in RESEARCH and development, the cost is much lower.Take atorvastatin as an example of statins. Imported atorvastatin is the original drug, while domestic atorvastatin is a generic.Of course, in addition to the difference between the original and generic drugs, there is another reason for the price difference: effectiveness.In fact, this is not difficult to understand, we all know the truth of “you get what you pay for”, a drug for the treatment of disease if the effect is very good, then the price of the drug must be relatively expensive, on the contrary, if the effect is very average, then the price is relatively not too expensive.But, is expensive medicine certain effect good?I don’t think so.In the case of atorvastatin, the main ingredients are the same whether it’s a generic or an original drug, and it’s still a matter of fact how effective it is.First of all, each person’s physical condition is different, the absorption of the same medicine is also different, so the effect will certainly exist some differences.Secondly, although the ingredients of the original drug and the generic drug are similar, the proportion of certain ingredients will not be the same, and the final quality of the drug will also be different, so the expensive drug is not necessarily better than the generic drug, everything is unknown.Simply said, some people eat imported atorvastatin, he found that the lipid-lowering effect is better than domestic atorvastatin, but there are some people think that two kinds of atorvastatin effect is the same, so we can’t say that imports of atorvastatin must be better than homebred atorvastatin, or want to be decided according to the actual situation, after all, drugs will vary from person to person.However, the effectiveness and safety of statins at different prices is unclear, depending on the person’s constitution.However, after verification in many aspects, generally speaking, there is a big gap between domestic generic drugs and the original drugs, which is mostly reflected in the therapeutic effect and the quality of the drug itself, which is also a fact that we have to admit.Three, the gap is so big, how should we choose?With such a wide range of statin prices, what should patients do if they need to take them for a long time?Here are some suggestions: 1, economic aspects in life, no matter what things, as long as it is a long-term demand, the first consideration of the affirmative price.Although it is tacky to talk about money, it is certainly impossible to do without money in this society. Usually, we need money to go to the hospital, go shopping, etc., so the price of long-term medicine must be within the range that we can afford.Imported drugs effect is good, but the price is too high, ordinary family to buy for a long time, for the most part is overwhelming, so this time we will consider to choose Chinese medicine, generic drugs, after all, although the effect may not be so good, as long as safe and can control the illness, is also a good choice, after all too obvious price advantage.But if the domestic drugs can not control the disease, then still want to listen to the doctor’s advice, as far as possible to take a little better effect of the drug, if you can take medicine in the hospital, or in the hospital, there are a lot of drugs or can take medical insurance, so it will save a lot of money.2, efficacy for sick people, long-term pain is really a great torment, at this time, the effect of drugs is also very important.For people who do not lack money, of course, to buy the best drugs, such as some imported drugs, original research drugs.However, with the continuous improvement of medical technology, many domestic generic drugs have similar effects with imported drugs. Although there are some differences, domestic generic drugs are also a good choice if they can control the disease and are safe.Of course, when choosing domestic generic drugs, be careful to choose the product with the blue logo of consistency evaluation.3. Buy centrally procured drugs. Those who have taken medicines for a long time know that the price of imported drugs is really very expensive if they are purchased independently.What is collective collection of drugs?To put it bluntly, the state purchases certain medicines centrally and trades the quantity for the price. If the quantity is large, the price will be much cheaper, so that ordinary people can buy them at a much lower price.Of course, this kind of collective collection of drugs are generally centrally purchased by the state, so when we buy drugs, we have to go to the hospital to buy drugs. Of course, when we communicate with the doctor, we can remind the doctor to prescribe collective collection of drugs for you. Generally speaking, the price of such drugs is relatively low.In the long run, we’ll be able to afford drugs in our wallets.In fact, whether we choose the original drug or generic drug, we must ensure that we buy the “genuine drug”, which is the so-called “genuine product”.When we buy medicine, we will find carefully, there is an approval number on the drug box, national drug approval WORD H2020XXXX, or national drug approval word H2019XXXX, there is this batch number of drugs are identified by the state, are what we call “genuine”, of course, the effect is guaranteed, we can rest assured to buy and take.Generally speaking, regular pharmacies and hospital pharmacies don’t sell counterfeit drugs.Of course, when we buy a drug, we also have to look at the production date, or choose the new approval number of the drug.No matter what things, as long as it is into the mouth, there is a certain shelf life, we are taking to ensure that the drugs in the shelf life, otherwise once expired, is no different from poison, after all, it is a drug three points poison, and expired drugs who knows will not produce other chemical reactions, so we should be careful to buy drugs.4. How can the side effects of statins be reduced?After choosing the right statin for you, the next step is to minimize the side effects of statins.Although the side effects of statins can recover spontaneously after stopping the drugs, patients who take them for a long time cannot stop taking them. Therefore, we need to find some correct medication methods and precautions to minimize the harm caused by the side effects of drugs to the body.There are many people who like to take medicine with milk or juice. They may do so because they cannot swallow or accept the taste of the medicine itself. But do you know that it is wrong to do so?In fact, like milk or fruit juice and other drinks, they contain some additives, and other ingredients, will react with the drug, which will affect the nature of the drug itself, therefore, when we take medicine, it is best to use plain water to take, of course, to use warm water to take.Different medicines are taken at different times, some after meals, some before meals, some with meals, some once a day, some twice a day, and some three times a day.When is the best time to take statins?The answer is before bed.Generally at night, the body’s cholesterol synthesis is more, if you take statins before bed, can timely suppress the production of cholesterol in the body, the effect will be very good.2, listen to the doctor’s advice, do not increase the amount of medicine sick to see a doctor, in order to the right medicine, timely correct treatment, in order to quickly return to health.For patients who need to take statins, take a fixed amount each day and do not increase the amount arbitrarily.Some people think that if they take one more pill each time, the disease will get better faster or the effect will be better. This idea is absolutely wrong!As has been said before, there are three toxic drugs. Normally taking statins will have little side effects, but if the dosage is privately increased during the medication, it is easy to lead to the increase of transaminase in the body and greater damage to liver function.Therefore, when taking statins, it is necessary to take them under the guidance of doctors, and do not increase the dose at will. After all, taking statins is for health, and other irreversible damage should not be caused because of taking statins, which is not worth the gain.To sum up for ordinary people, there is nothing to change a healthy body, but if the body really has any problems, we must go to the hospital in time, and then listen to the doctor, take medicine, see a doctor.For patients suffering from chronic diseases or cholesterol, coronary heart disease, long-term medication on time, this is the most important, after all, only in this way, in order to effectively control the disease, let the body become better.Long-term medication, not only to consider economic conditions can be carried, but also to choose their own drugs.From the economic aspects, pharmacodynamics, the way to buy drugs and other aspects of comprehensive consideration, to buy their own drugs, drugs with good effects, the price of appropriate drugs.Although a penny a goods, but not all expensive drugs are the best effect, cheap drugs also have a lot of effect or good, and try to buy drugs to the hospital to buy, in addition to ensure safety, some can also enjoy health insurance, can save a lot of money.Therefore, for patients who take statins for a long time, I hope this article is useful to you, and I hope your disease can be effectively controlled and you can recover soon.