Old case | Harbin “huge greed” Zhang Mingjie fell

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In 2020, singer Qu Wanting posted a message on weibo, saying, “The 6th anniversary has been fruitless. I will continue to try my best to keep a heart that believes in justice.”The post was not about a social issue, but about defending his mother, who was accused of corruption and abuse of power.Qu’s mother, Zhang Mingjie, used to be a department-level official in Harbin before she was taken away for investigation in 2014.During the seven-year investigation, Qu used social media to spread the message that Zhang was not guilty.But according to the investigation, Zhang mingjie was involved in nearly 350 million yuan, making him one of the most serious officials to fall.Figure | wanting to take picture with mother ming-jie zhang because of her malicious detain the relocation allowance of laid-off workers, cause 566 homes in the abyss of despair.In laid-off worker family suffers pain while, her daughter Qu Wanting, live the high life like princess however.Snow White Qu Wanting was born in 1983. Her mother Zhang Mingjie entered the petition office of Harbin Construction Commission just a few years after her birth.Zhang Mingjie outstanding work ability, in the petition work repeatedly made achievements, very appreciated by the leadership at that time.Therefore, her official position is also constantly promoted, in 1999, she was promoted to the Director of the Letters and Visits department of Harbin Construction Committee.Rising figure | Gibson ca office to Gibson ca on fundraising opportunity, also gives wanting from excellent living conditions.In the 1990s, when people were still living in poverty, she was able to learn the piano.In order to cultivate his daughter’s musical talent, Zhang also spent tens of thousands of yuan to buy Qu Wanting a piano.Qu Wanting was sent by Zhang Mingjie in 2001 to study in Canada at the age of 18, and she has lived in Canada since then.From small to large, Qu Wanting did not send worry for food and clothing, she put forward any requirements will be Met by Zhang Mingjie.When she grew up, she didn’t have to work for her life. Her life was all beer and skittles, except music.Qu Wanting once praised her mother in an interview, calling her a diligent and hard-working person.”My mother was the best person in the world and gave me the best life she could.”Qu Wanting smile is sweet at that time, as if an unworldly Snow White.However, qu Wanted to enjoy everything zhang Mingjie through illegal means to fight for.Behind a Snow White, there are 566 poor families who are trapped in despair or even nearly destroyed because of Zhang Mingjie.Zhang Mingjie’s case starts from Harbin’s original breeding farm, because it all stems from a restructuring of the original breeding farm.As an old state-owned enterprise, Harbin original seed breeding ground has experienced many decades of ups and downs.The company, which was founded in 1952, operates other businesses such as liquor, beverages and cartons in addition to breeding seeds.Since the 1990s, the benefits of the original breeding ground have been declining year by year, and the operating situation is beyond its means.In 2004, in a bid to boost the competitiveness of the state economy, poorly run breeding farms were listed as one of the state-owned enterprises to be restructured.The meeting decided to delegate the original breeding ground to Daoli District, when Zhang Mingjie was serving as the deputy head of daoli District.The reform of state-owned enterprises is a big deal, which can not be decided in a year and a half. It was not until 2008 that a breakthrough was made in this matter.In the second half of 2008, the total assets of the original breeding farm were determined to be -2,675,300 yuan after asset evaluation.In 2009, under the auspices of Zhang Mingjie, the original breeding ground was listed at 61.6 million yuan for public sale.It wasn’t long before dongjiang, an agricultural technology development company, came forward to delist and said it was willing to buy the original breeding ground.In August of the same year, the representative of Dongjiang company came to the original breeding ground and formally signed the transfer contract to acquire the original breeding ground.No one noticed at this time, dongjiang company’s initial registered capital is actually only 500,000 yuan, near the acquisition increased to 98 million yuan.And the legal person wei Qi of dongjiang company, it is having with Zhang Mingjie thousands of links.Weiqi was on the radar long before the acquisition was confirmed, former employees of the breeding farm said, recalling him.At that time, the original breeding farm owed the bank 13.5 million yuan due to poor management, which they had not been able to repay.After a long time, the bank sent someone to collect the debt, and it happened that a boss in Harbin was interested in the debt.One way or another, the boss, Named Liu Xudong, bought the assets and became the new creditor of the original breeding farm.He spoke up and ordered the breeding farm to repay him $7.5 million or take them to court.The original seed breeding farm had been bankrupt for many years and could not get the money at all. Liu Xudong did what he said and took the matter to the court.Later, the original breeding farm faced state-owned enterprise restructuring, because its land use certificate and real estate certificate were in the hands of Liu Xudong, the process could not proceed smoothly.After negotiation, Liu Xudong agreed to the original breed breeding farm, at the price of 1.25 million yuan, to clear the debt between them.At this time, Zhang Mingjie happened to be in charge of the original breeding farm restructuring work, this 1.25 million is also through her hands to Liu Xudong.In June 2008, Zhang mingjie gave the staff of the original breeding farm a check for 1.25 million yuan, which came from dongjiang Company.At that time, Dongjiang company had not yet appeared on the acquisition stage. For this strange company, the staff of the original breeding ground only expressed their doubts slightly.”We thought, why not borrow money from the Treasury instead of a company that doesn’t make any sense?”It was not until Dongjiang became the buyer of the original breeding ground that the employees realized that the acquisition had been premeditated.After the dust of the acquisition of the original breeding ground is settled, according to the regulations, the former staff can receive resettlement fees according to the length of service.In the follow-up find a place for the job, Zhang Mingjie did not comply with the original flow to the worker to issue resettlement costs.She took advantage of her authority and illegally transferred 60 million yuan to a bank account controlled by Dongjiang Company.After taking control of the breeding farm, Dongjiang should have respected the opinions of employees and signed labor contracts with those who volunteered to stay.But dongjiang refused to hire any more of its former staff, forcing all of its original breeding workers to be laid off.According to former employees of the original breeding farm, the Dongjiang Company is very harsh when it doles out relocation fees, only paying 1,031 yuan for one year of service.Not only that, dongjiang company also used various reasons to deduct their resettlement fees, the amount of deduction is often more than half of the amount issued.Many of the people who worked on the breeding grounds for a decade or two ended up with only a few thousand yuan.By the time Zhang mingjie “fell”, originally belonged to the laid-off workers of more than 10 million yuan resettlement funds are still “missing”.There are a total of 566 laid-off workers in the original breeding farm, and each of them has a hungry family behind them.All the laid-off workers are leading a miserable life because they can’t get the resettlement money they deserve.Some workers have no money to buy heating equipment, so they live in the cold northeast wind all winter.Some workers are forced to commit suicide to end their impoverished lives.566 families are unhappy in their own way, all of which are caused by Zhang Mingjie and her partners behind them.Zhang mingjie’s partners were Wei Qi, a legal representative of the Dongjiang Company, and Wang Shaoyu, her former boyfriend.Knowing that the original breeding farm would be restructed as a state-owned enterprise and publicly listed for sale, Zhang began to make plans.Originally, the transfer of the original breeding ground did not include the use of state-owned land, which was added by Zhang Mingjie using his position.In addition, several companies have expressed interest in competing with Dongjiang during its acquisition process.Zhang Mingjie is in one of the opposition, show that their intention dongjiang company, ultimately contributed to the dongjiang company’s acquisition of facts.Later, Zhang mingjie lied that the land use rights of the original breeding ground had been transferred out, to take the opportunity to defraud the land expropriation funds.Under her constant maneuver, Dongjiang succeeded in obtaining a land expropriation fund of 349.85 million yuan.At this time, Wang Shaoyu on behalf of Zhang Mingjie, and Wei Qi to discuss the distribution of interests after the matter.After several rounds of friendly negotiations, the two sides signed a cooperation agreement, stating in black and white that the benefits should be shared equally by both parties.By turning his left hand over his right, Mr. Weiqi transferred the right to use the land to a company in which he had a large share.Weiqi plans to use the land to build real estate projects and make huge profits from it.What he didn’t realize was that building real estate would require so much money that his savings would not keep up with his current ambitions.The project, known as Yijing Forest City, attracted a few people to look at it when it was built.However, many interested people gave up the idea of buying the land after hearing that there were “five incomplete certificates”.Wei Qi and Zhang Mingjie’s brother Zhang Mingzhe is the main investor and builder of the project, Zhang Mingzhe for this take a lot of money.After Zhang mingjie “fell”, Wei Qi hurriedly fled Canada, the project eventually became a huge “unfinished” project.In September 2014, authorities sought out Zhang mingjie, then deputy director of Harbin’s Development and Reform Commission, and asked her to visit the city’s discipline inspection commission.Zhang Mingjie at this time although vaguely aware of a few wrong, but she absolutely did not think of, he will be at this time “fall”.Her brother, Zhang Mingzhe, had told her to “be careful,” to which Zhang mingjie showed no concern.In the same month, Zhang Mingjie was removed from his post as deputy head of the NDRC and detained for investigation.The next day, investigators came to Zhang mingjie’s home to collect evidence, and discovered accidentally that wang Shaoyu, another person involved in the case, lived in her next door.Zhang Mingjie’s home just put the key to Wang Shaoyu’s house, the case officers took the key, directly arrested Wang Shaoyu.They were named as the first and second defendants in the case.When the investigators wanted to arrest the third defendant in the case, Wei Qi, he had already slipped away to Canada.Zhang Mingzhe and Wei Qi close relationship, as early as in June, he heard wei Qi might go back to Canada.The story Weiqi gave was that his wife fell ill in Canada and needed him to take care of her.But when Zhang mingjie and Wang Shaoyu were arrested, Zhang mingzhe suddenly realized that “he might have heard the wind beforehand.”In March 2016, Interpol issued a red notice for Weiqi to hunt him down.But because he was so elusive and hidden, the police never brought Him back from Canada.Zhang pleaded not guilty in the first public hearing of his case in July 2016.Wei Qi has not been arrested, the prosecution has not enough evidence to convict Zhang Mingjie.As a result, Zhang’s case has been on hold, with Qu Wanting to speak up for her mother on social media several times.The case, which had been unsolved for years, was finally resolved in October 2021, when Weiqi returned home and turned himself in.Zhang Mingjie, verdict!On October 7, 2021, Weiqi took a flight from Canada to his homeland after seven years of separation.With the return of Wei Qi, Zhang Mingjie case of the three defendants to all together, this case also to the end of the time.On October 17, 2021, the Harbin Intermediate People’s Court resumed the public hearing of Zhang Mingjie’s case.Zhang Mingjie, Wang Shaoyu and Wei Qi stood neatly on the dock of the court.In court, Zhang Mingjie still claimed that he was innocent, in an attempt to defend his crimes.In front of absolute evidence and fair law, any sophistry was of no avail, and finally, Zhang Mingjie was sentenced to life imprisonment.Qu Wanting, who has been speaking out for her mother on the Internet for years, did so again after zhang’s sentencing.She posted an image of Guanyin with the caption: “May all sentient beings be free from suffering.”Beyond that, she has said nothing publicly about her mother’s case or the outcome of her trial.Over the years, Qu wanting has occasionally expressed her concern for her mother on social media, but she has never actually taken action.While Zhang mingjie is in jail, Qu Wants to travel, dive and release new songs, as if not affected by her mother.When asked what she did for her mother’s case, she said, “I wrote two letters to the Embassy in Vancouver.”The degree of her apathy was far different from the “filial piety” she showed on social media, with many netizens mocking her as “yun filial piety”.Some netizens said qu Wanting, as Zhang’s daughter, should also be punished.It has never been definitively decided whether parents’ mistakes should affect their children.But Qu, as Zhang mingjie’s “princess,” should at least apologize to the victims.Unfortunately, we haven’t seen any apology from Qu Wanting.However, the Internet will always have a memory, Zhang Mingjie and Qu Wanting will be forever engraved on the humiliation column, accept people’s spit!- the – resources China news week: “the mother of wanting Gibson ca case pending seven years, the key had returned to surrender” connection with the interface news: “the mother of singer wanting Gibson ca 350 million corruption case survey interface news:” the Gibson ca case of first instance trial after three years, to control two “statement: published article is for the purpose of the information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: service@shxyo.com