North Mu began to send force, immediately catch up with Jie’s points, the peak of the beginning of the season to the first fast?

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Have to say of the great god of the glory of the player is very terror, only half a month time to start the new season, now the peak of the highest scores have reached more than 2200, now before the top ten are basically remain in the score, but let everybody thought that was everyone hold high expectations of cool, xiao jin, north longed for recent play is not good.First of all, the worst is xiao jin, haven’t appeared in the top ten places before the game, is not a small jin son, of course, no strength, but xiao jin account by sanctions, recently a little kam start, use Li Baichong directly to the top first, but in the end do not know what reason was the official titles, in the list directly has been removed.And cool because of the version of the problem, mirror, luna last season the two heroes although there is not the strongest, but is definitely the playing field to the rhythm of the hero, rely on the operation and rhythm of cool almost the list on the entire season, this season has a new play wild heroes and super Mi month, the first player to be Mi month the list on the top.Points in the north for no reason is very simple, north longed for this season have been in practice a new hero, want to use the first month of the new hero rushed to the clothes first, but because of proficiency on new hero is very slow, plus the north mu Dan want to hit a higher branch, in addition to the new heroes are used, the ancient hero flower, na but lulu,You can’t pick up the speed at all.But the good news is that north Korea in shunt paragraph a rose for the two paragraphs, the new season of 122 to 124 has been rushed to the paragraphs, became the first cut to 124 segments of wild players, and 123 segments can convert, jay has train of thought, at the beginning of the new season to rush out the new gb is used of the hero tiger started to hit peak points, early lock before ten.North mu although the speed is slow, but after this period of hard work, north mu Dan has been able to do shunt and peak points balance, peak points has hit more than 2100, only one step away from 2200, the highest is more than 2200 points, next month north longed for perhaps the first will be able to get back to peak.Personal opinion:To decide whether it back to peak north desire, cool, of course, the first is the most important reason Mi month adjustment or not, if adjusted estimate early next month to adjust, this is the north mu and cool, jay also to be reckoned with, of course, but jay has become the new season now only a double, rushed to the top ten players, Mr Efforts maybe can also rushed to the top first.