The 2022 recruitment of Guangxi Academy of Medical Sciences has come

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The 2022 recruitment of Guangxi Academy of Medical Sciences is coming, please transfer it to the person you need!1. Love the motherland, support the Communist Party of China, abide by laws and regulations, have good professional ethics, no violation of rules and regulations.2. Meet the educational and professional requirements of each post, and have the professional knowledge, technical ability and scientific research ability required by the post.3. Master degree or above is required to pass CET-6 in principle.4. Age requirement: Master degree, aged 35 or below (born after December 31, 1986);There is no age limit for doctors.5. The basic conditions can be relaxed according to the position situation of the Academy of Medical Sciences.1. The salary standard shall refer to the current national and Guangxi public institutions standards, and the incentive performance shall be implemented according to the hospital performance evaluation plan.2. Priority assessment and enrollment, enjoy national and autonomous regional paid annual leave, social insurance, labor union and other benefits according to the policy provisions.1. Outstanding scientists: leading talents in discipline construction, able to lead the discipline to catch up with or maintain the international advanced level in its field;Depending on the level of experts, a working agreement is signed, and the annual salary is negotiable by one person.Supporting research funds and settling-in expenses will be provided.Spouse placement will be carried out according to work needs, and priority will be given to those who meet the admission requirements of the Academy of Medical Sciences to work in the corresponding specialty.2. Leading scholar: regarded as an expert, signing a work agreement, with an annual salary of 1.5 million to 3 million yuan after tax;After-tax settling-in allowance of 1 million to 2 million yuan, supporting scientific research subsidies, especially outstanding candidates can be discussed by one person.Spouse placement will be implemented according to work needs, and priority will be given to those who meet hospital admission requirements to work in corresponding specialties.3. Researcher (doctor) : qualified as an expert, with a working agreement and an annual salary of 300,000 to 600,000 yuan after tax;After-tax setting-up allowance of 300,000 to 800,000 yuan, supporting scientific research subsidy of 300,000 to 1 million yuan.Spouse placement will be implemented according to work needs, and priority will be given to those who meet hospital admission requirements to work in corresponding specialties.All the above are entitled to the same rights of training, overseas assignment and promotion.Please refer to The 2022 Talent Demand Form of Guangxi Academy of Medical Sciences for details on the requirements of each position.(see attachment 1) below five, sign up for (a) time signing up: from now on to 24:00 on March 8, 2022 (2) the registration way: 1, the required material (in the system to sign up at the same time, also need to submit a paper resume, the following two ways to be short of one cannot) (1) qualified applicants please login before March 8, 2022 the following url to sign up: (it is recommended to use Google browser), the requirement to register first fill in resume to apply for jobs.Please check to see if you have uploaded all the certificates of academic degree required by the position you are applying for. Otherwise, your resume will be regarded as invalid.The paper resume includes: ① The first page is attached with “Guangxi Academy of Medical Sciences Recruitment Registration Form” (see Appendix II below) (it can also be downloaded from the official website of Guangxi Academy of Medical Sciences recruitment Announcement in 2022) and handwritten signature;② Copies of diploma, degree, qualification certificate, professional title certificate, Cet-4, CET-6 and other certificates.Submission and mailing Address: Human Resources Department, 4th Floor, Administrative Building, People’s Hospital, No.6 Taoyuan Road, Qingxiu District, Nanning city, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.Recipient and contact number: 0771-28042243. Telephone number for excellent talents and doctor: 0771-2186025, 0771-2186820 Master: 0771-2804224.Guangxi Academy of Medical Sciences On May 18, 2021, the People’s Hospital of The Autonomous Region officially added the brand of Guangxi Academy of Medical Sciences upon the approval of the Party Committee of the Autonomous Region.Guangxi Academy of Medical Sciences is a high-level research institution in the field of medical science in Guangxi organized by the government. It is also an important research base of regional clinical medicine and public health science and technology innovation, achievement transformation, industrial development and decision-making consultation services based on Guangxi, facing southwest China and radiating asean.Main building set of medical research, collaborative innovation, talent cultivation and lead to gather intelligence platform, clinical medicine and public health, basic, strategic, prospective studies of strengthen the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, providing specialist difficult critically ill disease diagnosis and treatment, emergency medical services and emergency medical rescue and other technical support and policy advisory services.By 2025, an innovative regional medical research center integrating clinical medicine and public health research, talent training, academic exchange, achievement transformation and health policy consultation will be built.By 2035, it will be built into a leading medical scientific research institution with domestic advanced and international influence in the region.More open and diversified channels for raising scientific research funds, more effective mechanisms for attracting talents, closer domestic and international cooperation, and more full application of scientific research achievements have provided strong support for building a healthy Guangxi.The main responsibilities are to closely follow the domestic and international development strategies and frontiers of medical science, focusing on prospective, fundamental and strategic issues in the development of medical science.Focus on the study of common diseases and frequenty-occurring diseases in Guangxi region, as well as the bottleneck problems in the process of rehabilitation and diagnosis of mental diseases, and put forward the population health intervention program, to provide reference for the formulation of relevant health policies.We will explore and improve prevention and control measures for major public health emergencies, improve guangxi’s public health emergency management system, and improve its emergency response capacity.Participate in the research and development of guangxi medical science and technology innovation and achievement transformation system and policy, promote the transformation and industrial development of medical science and technology achievements in guangxi.Build a platform and high-end think tank to attract talents and wisdom, gather first-class talents, stimulate innovation vitality, and promote core technology research in important medical fields in our district.To carry out academic exchanges and cooperation in the field of medical science at home and abroad, publish and issue relevant academic journals, and improve the status and influence of medical research in our district at home and abroad.The General Management Department of management institutions: responsible for the comprehensive organization and coordination of guangxi Academy of Medical Sciences operation, documents and telecommunications, confidential information, conference affairs, archives and other work, organizing the internal institutions to do a good job in finance, personnel, letters and visits, logistics and other work according to the management requirements of the People’s Hospital of The Autonomous Region.Strategic Development Department: responsible for the formulation and implementation of the research strategy plan of Guangxi Academy of Medical Sciences, the funding management of research projects inside and outside the academy, the introduction of talents and wisdom, and the integration of artificial intelligence, Internet of things, 5G technology and other emerging technologies with medical science.Scientific research Cooperation Department: responsible for science and technology project management, scientific research platform construction, standardization implementation, achievement transformation, intellectual property rights and other related work, establishing the internal and external scientific research cooperation mechanism of Guangxi Academy of Medical Sciences, strengthening domestic and foreign scientific exchange and cooperation, and establishing regional scientific and technological cooperation network.Technical Support Department: responsible for the laboratory construction and management, equipment equipment and management, research and development platform construction and maintenance of Guangxi Academy of Medical Sciences, building an interconnected and shared clinical research data center, and carrying out safety management and supervision of scientific data.Institute of Health Management research institute: committed to health management theory, policy and health industry status and development research, health big data mining and information services, the development of relevant local standards, guidelines and norms, to provide for the whole population of health management and chronic disease prevention and control achievements transformation and technology promotion.Collaborative Innovation Institute of Hospital Management and Medical Prevention:Mainly engaged in the public hospital clinical medicine and disease prevention, public health and other fusion collaborative research on the internal management and operation mechanism, to carry out the management theory and practice, medical service quality and safety, performance appraisal, medicare payments, budget management, cost management, asset management and price management research, provide public hospital management evaluation research and consulting services.Medical Research Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases: carry out research on cardiovascular disease mechanism and prevention and control strategies, assist in the formulation of cardiovascular disease prevention and control plan in Guangxi, compile cardiovascular disease prevention and control guidelines, technical specifications and related standards, and carry out academic exchanges and cooperation at home and abroad.Medical Research Institute of Digestive Diseases: Carry out multi-center, high-quality research on digestive diseases, formulate evidence-based medical evidence-based guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of digestive diseases and popularize them.Medical Research Institute of Ophthalmology: To carry out ophthalmology clinical research, transformation and promotion model research, establish quality control standards for ophthalmology operation, surgery and other diagnosis and treatment activities, cultivate high-quality personnel for ophthalmology clinical research and diagnosis, and comprehensively improve the level of basic and clinical ophthalmology research in Guangxi.The Institute of Infectious Diseases and Acute And Critical Care: it is mainly committed to the research and promotion of the treatment of infectious diseases, acute chest pain, stroke, trauma, poisoning and other technologies, and the establishment of a region-leading standardized treatment platform for infectious diseases and acute and critical care, and the overall improvement of the diagnosis and treatment technology level of infectious diseases and acute and critical diseases.Cancer Research Institute: mainly carries out “tertiary prevention of cancer” research, innovates cancer diagnosis and treatment technology, improves the standard system of cancer diagnosis and treatment, carries out clinical research on new cancer drugs, promotes cancer diagnosis and treatment technology, and improves the quality of life of cancer patients.Institute of Minimally Invasive Technology and Application: carry out artificial intelligence scientific research and innovation, establish new minimally invasive operation specifications, and improve the level of minimally invasive technology in the region.Institute of Brain and Mental Diseases: Mainly engaged in clinical application research of brain and mental diseases, conducting exchanges and cooperation on major brain diseases and cutting-edge mental health technologies, and conducting key research on important disease mechanisms and prevention and control strategies.Come and join us!The family of Guangxi Academy of Medical Sciences looks forward to your arrival!