Home (three) parents, is our forever home

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Home (three) parents, is our forever home.His old face, his stooped back, his frost-white hair, his lumbering steps…Silent fleeting, blurred his eyes;Fingers tap the keyboard, as clear voice cleanse the mind.After the ceremony, I hurried back home.The day before yesterday, a senior sailed to the west. Upon hearing the news, her mother burst into tears.20:30, had set the street, young lady concern in the eyes of consultation: rest here?”Go home!Spend time with mom.”I shook my head gently. “They’re old.I usually stay at home less.”The heart, there.You, understand or don’t understand, does it matter?Always concerned and guilty…”How much did the government compensate?”A senior expressed concern on the way in the morning.”Do I care about the money?The main problem is the placement of parents.”After a moment’s silence, I said, “I don’t care about the disharmony and the venality of the people involved, from the back and forth of the person in charge, the bullying, the deception and the alienation of the family.Who wouldn’t be annoyed if their parents lived in a lonely place without good care at the age of eighty?”I, a genuine migrant workers have what pursuit?Make a living, just plain light filial piety, ask a clear conscience.”Yon-a-zi, we all know your difficulties. It’s not easy to support this family.But I must give you an advice today.”Another elder said: “you, usually still have to speak some polite, especially to seniors…”I was stunned.Me, don’t you have manners?Ashamed!Perhaps I have no culture, an age has not understood the meaning of politeness;Perhaps due to his personality, he did not pay much attention to relevant details;Maybe, too much maybe…Kindness never expires.My mother always said to me, “Let’s just be kind to ourselves. We don’t have to share common sense with other people.”Yes.I don’t understand!Most of the time, maybe a lot of people and I and my mother do not want to mention and care about, we have an account in our hearts.As the saying goes: you respect me a foot, I respect you a zhang;You push an inch, I won’t.That is, kindness has to be targeted.But at this point, my heart is still: ok, you don’t respect me, I will be honest face.I have no manners…Lantern FestivalAfter lunch, mom, young lady and I chat around the stove, I stare at that already half white hair: “Mom, hair wash a wash!”The young lady that washes hair to old mama carefully nag: “mama, you see your skin and bone.Mom, I really can’t work anymore…””Eighty-one soon!”Mom is still that strength: “usually also did not do anything.That is, an anan garden, some sorghum, a few crayfish…Just a bit of exercise.”To old mama do ideological work when the young lady talks about the old man in the home and the past, is also a few degrees choked;Sitting quietly beside my mother I looked at that thin face, silent tears blurred the line of sight……In the evening, when I told my mother I was safe, the phone couldn’t be connected.This morning and morning are also advised to shut down.9:15, after adjacent zhao aunt gets through the phone, hurry to understand the situation on the way is full of comfort sound: “Lao Yao, rest assured!…Sister Liu ah, the day before yesterday when I heard the news, I cried…They say at lunch here that you’re too human…She usually plants some sorghum, so she can move, no problem…You don’t listen to what people say…”Then came the news of peace.Here, I would like to thank all the people who have been caring, helping and sending blessings to my parents!It is easy to say, but hard to do;It’s easier to say someone than to do it yourself.I hope each of us don’t do that easy to talk, more don’t do that casually say others.When I was a child, my parents and brothers and sisters were a family. When I grew up, each of us had his or her own home. After that, our children and grandchildren are all their own homes.Parents, our forever home.As the saying goes: “parents, life still has a place;Parents go, life only return.”This is the most subtle emotion that lurks in my heart at the moment — anxiety, anxiety and even fear.