Luo Tianyi on stage for Winter Olympics: Technology enabling products to tell China’s story

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Chinese virtual singer Luo Tianyi became the first Chinese virtual singer to appear on the Olympic stage when she sang Time to Shine at the opening ceremony of the “Meet me in Beijing” Olympic Cultural Festival on Feb 2.Since last year, the meta-universe and virtual digital man technology entered the spotlight of the global science and technology industry, and many new virtual digital man images emerged in China.As a virtual digital singer for ten years, Luo Tianyi is the “icebreaker” of China’s virtual digital people industry.Now, with technology and stronger product power, Luo Tianyi stands on the global stage and is interpreting Chinese culture in a new way.Luo Tianyi, the “icebreaker” of Chinese digital virtual idol, is the first generation of Chinese digital virtual character image, and also the first virtual image in China with the help of speech synthesis technology to create a Chinese voice library.In July 2012, Luo Tianyi was officially launched at the 8th China International Cartoon and Game Expo, and has experienced ten years of continuous development and evolution.In the early days, Luo Tianyi was mainly active in the “two-dimension” circle of animation. At that time, the difference between virtual digital people and traditional animation characters was not completely clarified in China, and the industry was still in the exploration stage both in terms of technology and content.After 2016, Luo Tianyi began to gradually enter the public’s horizon. She appeared on the “Spring Festival Gala” of Hunan TV successively, appeared in variety shows such as “Bilibili Macro Link” in the form of hologram, and began to interact frequently with mainstream pop singers.After 2018, bilibili (hereinafter referred to as “STATION B”), the largest cultural community of Generation Z in China, increased its holding of the parent company of Luotianyi, and became the controlling shareholder of the company, providing support to Luotianyi in terms of technology, traffic, channels and other aspects.The development of Luo Tianyi’s image has entered a fast lane, exploring an innovative expression that organically integrates the excellent traditional Chinese culture with the current culture of contemporary young people.The Olympic Cultural Festival is the biggest stage that Na has stood on since her debut.Luo Tianyi’s song “Time to Shine” has both the flavor of national style and the integration of pop elements, interpreted by Luo Tianyi’s slightly electric voice, perfect interpretation of the lyrics and songs to welcome visitors from all over the world, compete for the peak of the competition, pay tribute to the Olympic athletes, and the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics show the spirit of temperament echo.Luo Tianyi “advanced” behind, is that she found the pulse of The Times.The continuous success of Luo Tianyi is closely related to the content positioning of B station’s brand new interpretation of Chinese culture, and behind it is the trend of The Times that the main melody culture keeps getting younger.As a digital virtual singer, Luo Tianyi’s destiny is resonating with The Times and “speaking” for contemporary youth.In recent years, los day according to Chinese classical aesthetics with the science diversity, with the aid of the holographic projection, ar expression and so on the many kinds of technology innovation, in a variety of different parties, offline live performances such as show in the scene, quickly “circle”, his masterpiece “jasmine”, “flowers,” and the color of all ages “and other works with both Chinese culture and fashion element of music,This year’s New Year’s Eve, Luo Tianyi became the first virtual singer to appear on the stage of the CCTV Spring Festival Gala.With the success of Luo Tian yi “break the circle”, it also appears more and more in the fashionable life of contemporary youth.For example, the iconic dance movement “Luo Tianyi Twist dance” has also been imitated and re-created by young netizens, becoming a popular dance movement on B website and many video platforms.The video of Luo tianyi singing “Time to Shine” was released and soon became the no. 1 hit on B-station.A large number of netizens expressed their support for Luo Tianyi through “bullet screen” comments.”Luo Tianyi is a virtual singer who belongs to China,” one netizen posted on a barrage.”Tianyi is not only a virtual singer, but also a carrier of many people’s dreams,” netizen Qiquanxiong said.Netizen “Sanyuan twenty-one” commented that Luo’s biggest breakthrough was that she became the main character of the show on the international stage of the Winter Olympics, and did not need to cooperate with other artists, but “completely performed the Charm of Chinese style and summer”.Technology innovation and technology empowerment products facing the world have become the confidence of Luo Tianyi on the global stage. Behind the brand new interpretation of traditional culture in STATION B, it is also the reflection of the continuous improvement of Chinese culture output capacity.The media believe that Luo Tianyi has become the “wind vane” of the domestic digital virtual human industry, taking her as a model to create a relatively complete industrial chain, covering the production and production of animation content in the upstream, the publishing, communication and viewing channels of animation content in the middle, and the authorization of animation IP image derivatives in the downstream.It is reported that Luo Tianyi has become the first profitable virtual digital man in China.Over the years, the technical capability of our team has been constantly improving, and science and technology have formed the foundation of our company to enter the global stage.In the “Most Beautiful Night” New Year’s Eve party of station B in 2020, Luo Tianyi and pipa player Fang Jinlong performed the classic song “Jasmine Flower” in a multi-dimensional collaboration.The personage inside course of study points out, this is luo Tian yi to break through on artificial modeling technology.According to media reports, in order to echo the theme of the Winter Olympics, Lo Tien Yi also “learned” figure skating techniques through motion capture technology, and organically integrated them into dance music.In addition, Pan Jian, music director of The Lotianyi team, pointed out that the depth of lotianyi content expression and the refinement of the scene will continue to improve through the technology enabling products.From the domestic stage such as the Spring Festival Gala to the global stage such as the Winter Olympics, through technology empowerment, Luo Tianyi has the ability to use more powerful digital technology, to show the world a more real, more three-dimensional, more comprehensive China.The combination of digital technology and aesthetic innovations at the opening ceremony of the Just-held Winter Olympics set the tone for the next international telling of China’s story, which bodes well for the possibilities for virtual digital people like Luo.