Party members take the lead in the front, 24 people “commandos” rushed to the community war “epidemic” line

2022-07-03 0 By

Peninsula all media reporter MAO Ziquan for days, the sudden outbreak of the epidemic affects the hearts of all people, see round after round of nucleic acid testing, streets and community staff day and night to build a line of defense for the community.Witnessing the hard and difficult work at the front line, CCCC No. 3 Shandong Branch of Luoyang Road Project Party members strive for the vanguard, set an example, give full play to the vanguard and model leading role of party members, play the role of grassroots party branch fighting fortress, take the initiative to write a petition, devote themselves to the front line, serve the masses.Inspired by the actions of several Party members like Ma Xiangyu, project department staff responded positively and quickly formed a 24-member “Party member vanguard commando team” to fight the epidemic.Luoyang Road 34 project 24 commando members, incarnate grid members, distributed in nucleic acid testing sites, open buildings and courtyards and streets and lanes of the community, actively serve the masses, demonstrating the responsibility of the central enterprise.When Ma Xiangyu, a young Party member, learned of the shortage of epidemic prevention materials in the community, he immediately organized and mobilized volunteers to donate materials to the community for epidemic prevention and living supplies to meet the emergency needs.Volunteers assisted community grid members to register at the grid points of epidemic prevention and control, and staff of Shandong Branch of China Construction First Engineering Co., LTD. No. 3 to pull up security lines, paste signs and check health codes of residents.”Hello, please show me your health code and travel card.”At 7:00 am, the staff of Shandong Branch of China Construction First Engineering Co., LTD. No. 3 are conducting a “three-code joint check” on vehicles and residents at all prevention and control points, and registering and reporting those who have recently traveled to and from key areas.China Construction Bureau three company to participate in the community anti-epidemic work in the streets, they regardless of the cold night, within six hours to complete the area of more than 10,000 people home work.Door-to-door notification, not a home, do a good job, registered and screening statistics disabled residents, provide on-site testing services for them, and at the same time to carry out the community with cell phone situation, round MoPai down and out of the volunteers are on the chair are reluctant to get up, flow of volunteers in community office throat could not say a word.Volunteers issue stickers to residents during the nucleic acid test day, some of them are registrants, some are issuing nucleic acid test certificates, and some are sterilizing and transporting.”Hello, please put on the ID card for information collection” “Hello, please paste the nucleic acid test certificate on the mobile phone or ID card”, such words are often repeated thousands of times.Within a day, the 25-year-old volunteer in charge of handing out the stickers had a hoarse voice.This red painting of volunteers in Shandong branch of China Construction First Bureau third Company has painted the beautiful scenery in early spring. This red painting fully reflects the vanguard and exemplary role of party members and reflects the responsibility of central enterprises.Volunteers went to the community on rainy night and presented the flag to The Third Company of China Construction First Bureau. The third Company donated materials to the community epidemic prevention personnel. Volunteers carried materials on the epidemic prevention site