Shanong university research group led the drafting of Jining city local regulations formally promulgated

2022-07-03 0 By

A few days ago, approved by the standing Committee of the Provincial People’s Congress, the Standing Committee of the Jining Municipal People’s Congress announced the “Regulations on the Governance of rural Human Settlements environment of Jining City” (hereinafter referred to as the “Regulations”), which will be implemented on May 1 this year.One of the features of the regulations is the “school-local” alliance, which attaches great importance to the role of experts as advisers, advisors and advisors, so as to improve the scientific, targeted and effective nature of the regulations.The research group led by Xiang Huanwei, an associate professor at the School of Public Administration of Shandong Agricultural University, undertook the drafting of the regulations.It is understood that the rural human settlement environment governance field is multi-faceted, complex and differentiated, with relatively few legislative materials for reference and great difficulty in legislation.In order to effectively improve the quality of legislation and achieve good governance through good laws, in March 2021, jining entrusted an expert team from the School of Public Management of Shandong Agricultural University to undertake the task of drafting regulations on the basis of comparative investigation.After receiving the commission, the School of Public Management attached great importance to it, quickly established the backbone force and deployed the task to advance.After more than six months, the phase chun wei group inversion period, grasped the nettle and with the help of law, public management and grass-roots governance in the field of professional integration advantages, based on the rural residential environment of jining, focus on the characteristics of rural grassroots governance, targeting high-end positioning, adhere to the problem oriented and accurate legislation idea, widely collected data, the grass-roots level research, solicit opinions from the public,Carefully study design, repeated proof burnish, formed the distinct characteristics, high quality, scientific and feasible, practical and effective expert advice, local legislation provides advice for jining aspects and important reference to the successful completion of the legislative delegate tasks, from shandong province, jining city people’s congress (NPC) and the high praise from all walks of life.This regulation is the first local regulation on rural human settlements environment governance in Shandong Province, and also the first local regulation on rural human settlements environment governance in China after the issuance of the Five-year Action Plan for Rural Human Settlements Environment Improvement (2021-2025), which has a strong demonstration and landmark.Regulations covering the planning and construction, waste management, sewage treatment, the toilet waste management, village CunMao management, many aspects, such as scientific design accords with the practice of rural power and responsibility system, compulsory norms and penalty, formed the accrual equivalence, rewards and punishment is clear, the incentive compatibility of the system design, established the institutionalization of rural living environment governance, long-acting mechanism.High quality finish drafting regulations is active in shandong agricultural university to build rural revitalization of qilu sample another important strategic results show, is also our law subject consciously play a professional advantage, serving local economic and social development, and actively participate in local legislation, grassroots governance, boost rural revitalization of the vivid practice of the construction of the rule of law.