Super province fuel consumption + high order intelligence, Wei brand MACchiato DHT circle powder magic

2022-07-03 0 By

The year is approaching, and the workers have a holiday, so it is a good time to play.I had planned to drive with my good friend to the suburbs today and participate in a wave of Macchiato DHT Fuel Saving Pioneer Challenge in my car, but my girlfriend called me to accompany her to the new nail salon in the city. What can I do?Choose to spend time with your girlfriend, of course.Fuel consumption low, low limit to 3 l decided to challenge on the way to a near city, I heard the oil-saving macchiato DHT pioneer challenge has superior 3 l on the fuel consumption, really let I admire, envy, and this activity to subscribe the prizes are quite generous, I thought that with my ability to add macchiato DHT’s strength, how can also take a place,However, after several attempts, let alone breakthrough, my driving skills are only retained to 4L/ 100km.It seems that the limit level is not an ordinary person can reach, I am going to save my strength to see if I can break through next time.Intelligent level, happy is very simple, easily girlfriend made a favorite nail can be happy for a long time, return on the mood is good, also took the initiative to apply for driving a car, I would not be at ease, but the thought of macchiato DHT provides parking, remote control car parking, transparent chassis, lane departure warning and so on more than 20 intelligent driving auxiliary configuration, also don’t what’s big basket,And he let her go also.Sure enough, the girlfriend is very good at using intelligent configuration, a high-speed, directly open ACC full speed adaptive cruise function, so that the car itself to achieve intelligent acceleration and deceleration, and in the premise of ensuring safety to follow the car, the girlfriend’s driving pressure is a scan, easy driving immediately get.Home not only that, the parking problem in also don’t have to worry about, even in the face of abnormal parking space narrow, girl friend also have no fear, calm to open the door to get off, take out the mobile phone, open the APP, wei remotely macchiato DHT smooth, to stop into the parking space, this one operation, girlfriend even thought his driving technology perfectly, comparable to the old driver.To tell you the truth, the Macchiato DHT has never disappointed me so far and continues to surprise me, both in terms of ultra-low fuel consumption and the intelligent performance of the core.And since the car, the quality of life is straight line improvement, commuting to work is very easy, self-drive travel is also very comfortable, treasure driving hammer!