Shennongjia appeared god beast “cross mountain yellow”, is said to be more precious than the white tiger, what is it

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Recently, received a netizen has, the net friend said shennongjia villagers in local see some unknown big cats in the primitive forest, according to the villagers described the big cat family, although looks like a tiger but it perfect are golden, and run very fast, just now is kung fu disappear, just like a golden lightning.Then the news spread to the Internet quickly caused a large number of netizens heated discussion, some netizens think: this mysterious creature should be a mutant tiger “golden tiger”, which is commonly known as “mountain yellow”.But many netizens suggested that the villagers might be mistaken and the mystery creature is just a large wild cat or something.But what is the truth?Does mutated tiger cross mountain yellow really exist?Keep an eye on scientology and keep up with the latest news.Does “Cross mountain yellow” really exist?Before we talk about these problems, we first to simply understand the shennongjia, shennongjia is located in the northwest of hubei province, is China’s only one named after “forest” of administrative divisions, look from the geographical location, shennongjia is located in mount wudang, consisting of the Yangtze river three gorges tourism belt, the east and bordering baokang xiangyang city, hubei province, the west is adjacent to chongqing’s home,South according to Yichang City Xingshan county, a total area of 3253 square kilometers, which forest accounted for 85%.In July 2016, shennongjia was listed in the world heritage list, in September 2018, shennongjia is rated “natural oxygen bar” in China, the following year in March, shennongjia is listed as the first batch of revolutionary cultural relics protection area, shennongjia is gathered in the humanities, biological nature reserves, the world geological park, the world heritage protection, and many other titles.But in addition to these human history, shennongjia is interested in talking about the legends of wild men and mysterious animals, so “yellow” will be one of the mysterious animals?Shennongjia really unknown creatures?About this problem we have to speak of from the individual variation of tiger, even ordinary tiger is the king of the beasts in the nature, but in the analysis from the aspects of evolution, each species exist the possibility of mutation, like humans, different RACES have different color of skin, in addition to hybrids, and so on, the tiger is not exceptional also, variation of the tiger although rare, but not without.Rare white tiger is one of them, for example, by contrast, only “over the mountains yellow” golden tiger more scarce, as time passes on the legend of “yellow mountain” to spread, animal expert the explanation is: “over the mountains yellow” is an unknown creature, hubei shennongjia region is probably a big tiger.About “over the mountains yellow” record book “shennongjia in China” in China, “over the mountains yellow” body length in 4 to 5 meters, weighing more than one thousand jins, various aspects above data are in general the tiger, and “yellow mountain” is the most compelling body of golden hair and his domineering streaking, according to legend in the mountain of the height of shennongjia, had a hunter to kill a few head “yellow mountain”.According to the description of witnesses, experts speculate that “cross mountain huang” is ancient worship beast ZOU danger.And there are many legends about “guo Shan Huang”, legend “Guo Shan Huang” is the god of Shennongjia, although grow fierce, but never hurt, but unfortunately, so many years have passed, our scientific community still did not get “Guo Shan Huang” specimens, so it can only be listed as unknown animals.So this big cat in Shennongjia will be the legendary “yellow mountain”?Is “cross mountain yellow” really mutation golden tiger?, experts say, shennongjia forest almost no traces of human activities, there are unknown biological or the possibility of the extinct creature, but if only through witness accounts would determine “yellow mountain”, is a bit too far-fetched, in order to confirm “over the mountains yellow” does not exist on earth, expert team specially to visit the site, through the comparison,Experts believe the existence of mountain yellow is very unlikely.”Over the mountains yellow” and if it really be one thousand jins weight, then traces of should be very much, at least traces have footprints, but experts at the scene only found some trampled weeds, traces found no footprints, the experts concluded that “yellow” and witnesses described in the record is different, and size is inconsistent and description,So what was the mysterious golden figure the villagers saw?Experts say:Is an expert in visual error to think that animals should be the other golden hair and considering the factors such as agile action, initial guess is large macaques, or the golden monkey, experts also explains shennongjia forest vegetation lush, complex vegetation is easy to cause visual error, integrated all the clues, shennongjia “yellow mountain” true identity remains a mystery,To see this may be curious to see the officials to ask, that Shennongjia “yellow cross mountain” in the end does it exist?In fact, scientists believe that the state will not focus on protecting a primeval forest for no reason, just like Kunlun Mountain, although experts think kunlun Mountain is just an ordinary mountain, but kunlun mountain really no mystery?Shennongjia is the same, perhaps in the depths of the primeval forest, there really exists “mountain yellow” may also be, but to confirm this conjecture, still have to give time to prove.At the end, you see officials on Shennongjia “yellow” how to see?Is it really just the villagers mistaken?Feel free to leave a comment in the comments section.