The ace major of Qingdao Technological University

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Applied Physics, Material Forming and Control Engineering, Vehicle Engineering, Material Science and Engineering, Automation, Computer Science and Technology, Urban and Rural Planning, Landscape Architecture, Safety Engineering, Project Management, Accounting, Environmental Design, etc.In terms of professional characteristics and level, Qingdao University of Technology is mainly characterized by civil and architectural majors. In Shandong Province, the professional level of civil engineering is inferior to that of Shandong University, and the professional level of architecture should be inferior to that of Shandong Jianzhu University.Generally speaking, it has a strong influence in the civil engineering and architecture field in Shandong Province.Qingdao Institute of Technology is a private institution of higher learning, which is jointly organized by Ocean University of China and Qingdao Eletete Tai Science and Education Investment Management Co., LTD., subordinate to Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps. It is a private undergraduate institution approved by the Ministry of Education.Qingdao University of Technology is a multi-disciplinary university with engineering as its main discipline, civil engineering, architecture, machinery manufacturing, environment and energy as well as coordinated development of science and engineering, economics, management, law and art.It is one of the first batch of “111 Plan” construction units of local universities, one of the first batch of national demonstration universities for deepening innovation and entrepreneurship education reform, one of the key universities in Shandong Province with characteristics of application-oriented talents training, and one of the first batch of “strong Characteristics” construction universities of high-level universities in Shandong Province.