Let the wanderer in the downtown someone asked, “fall” in a distant relative!

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The Supreme People’s Procuratorate a mental disorder unknown female because of a case into the prosecution link after the fate of the reverse lost 25 years, the joint help reunion do not know their name what name of the unknown female, did not expect, will one day can think of his name;More unexpectedly, she has been homeless for 25 years and has been cancelled hukou, will one day return to the arms of relatives.As a result of her experience, the government joined forces to create a mechanism to protect the rights of the homeless.Let the vagrant people wherever they are, there are people to ask, someone behind the management, with the help of the Procuratorate of Zhangping City, Fujian Province.In March, coinciding with spring, prosecutors told reporters about the story behind the unnamed woman’s case.Mute alarm pull out a serial of unusual case one night in September, 2018, lived in a village of fujian zhangping XXL (mute, hearing disability level 2, can understand others speak) dialed the telephone of the local police station, and please help neighbors alfentanil said to the police, his wife (unknown female) was beaten by the villagers ACai, at home.After receiving the police, the police arrived at the scene quickly.Chen’s wife, he picked up from the side of the road a year ago.In August 2017, a woman with unkempt hair and shabby clothes walked up and down a rural road.Chen, who is unmarried, saw her dull look and took her home to eat and sleep.According to Chen, the unnamed woman can not do housework, can not talk, mental disorder, life can not take care of themselves, but also went out to pick up garbage to eat.One night, the villager a CAI came to Chen’s home after drinking and saw Chen working in the yard. He went to the room and wanted to have sex with the unknown woman.Ah just confessed, had previously harassed unknown female, did not suffer resistance.Chen is very angry after the discovery, pull, ah just pushed down the wall side of a pillar, the unknown woman’s feet were crushed, Chen then called the police.Before long, ah CAI gave himself up.Accurate case reporter also became the defendant unknown woman who is?Chen said his wife had no name, and neighbors did not know the name of the unnamed woman.In the face of the police inquiry, the unknown female points the head and immediately shakes the head, who also do not understand what she said.The inability to communicate made it difficult for forensic authorities to determine her mental state and sexual defense capacity.The unidentified woman’s personal information was not found out until the end of the investigation.In November 2018, the case of Ah CAI suspected of rape was transferred to Zhangping People’s Procuratorate for examination and prosecution.The prosecutor introduced, the case had been returned to the supplementary investigation, the police re-entrusted the judicial appraisal organization, the unnamed woman made mental disorder and no sexual defense ability evaluation.According to this appraisal opinion, combined with other relevant evidence, the court issued a Supplementary Investigation Decision and supplementary Notice of transfer for prosecution, and the police prosecuted Afen and Chen on suspicion of rape successively.After checking, Chen mou worries that the child he gave birth to is also dumb, to help carry on the family line on the grounds, has twice requested afen and unknown female sexual relations, hope to borrow sperm son.Afen felt that no one knew, a promise.Chen mou knowingly unknown female intellectual handicap, mental disorder, still long-term sex with unknown female, and twice abet, help a fen and unknown female sex, its behavior suspected of rape.From February to November 2019, the Zhangping People’s Procuratorate launched public prosecutions against three defendants, confirming their cases of statutory mitigation or lighter punishment.The first-instance court sentenced the defendants to rape respectively ah CAI, A Fen, Chen mou to two years and six months in prison to three years.The legitimate rights and interests of women must be fully protected.In the process of handling the case, zhangping Procuratorate has always been concerned about the medical treatment and security of the unnamed woman.After Chen arrived at the case, the hospital took the initiative to coordinate related matters, and functional departments gave full support to:The local village committee, the civil affairs bureau as the unknown woman’s guardian, and the first advance by the civil affairs bureau treatment costs, local police station, town government, rescue management station will be unknown to the special hospital treatment, the prosecutor regularly to the hospital to understand the treatment, and for the unknown woman to apply for 69,000 yuan of judicial aid.Join forces to find relatives to bring the unknown back home Where’s the unknown girl’s house?The unknown woman’s language could not be identified, and the public security authorities had taken her blood sample for registration and comparison, but there was no result.But zhangping city procuratorate, law enforcement agencies and social assistance departments have not given up.In May 2020, after nearly a year of mental and psychological rehabilitation, Unknown regained some of her memory.One day, she told the staff at the aid management station who visited her that her name was mou Hua, but she couldn’t write it down.Incomplete information, though snippet, provided a crucial clue to her identity.In order to help the unknown girl find her family as soon as possible, prosecutors and rescue management station personnel according to her southern Fujian accent, contact the public security organs to help query “a flower” identity information.However, there is no such person in the registered population, and the search seems to have gone into a dead end.The staff of the relief and management station changed their thinking and suggested inquiring and comparing from the list of missing persons based on their years of experience in verifying the identity information of vagrant persons.Finally, the information system showed that “a flower” and a district of Xiamen has been canceled the identity of the same woman.After learning this news, the staff immediately contacted xiamen city rescue management station, business asked them to verify the identity of “a flower”, and help contact family members.We finally got a positive I.D. on our Jane DOE.At the end of June 2020, the staff of the rescue management station escorted “X flower” to Xiamen.A mother wept with joy at the sight of her daughter, who had been lost for 25 years.Originally, the unknown female more than 20 years old, lost in the old home street, because she has mental retardation, family members suspect is abducted.The family searched the area and called the police, but nothing came of it.The case was closed, the suspect was sentenced, and the unknown girl had an identity and a warm home.However, the story of removing vagrants from the streets and promoting social governance through prosecutorial governance continues.”Individual cases should be handled to promote social governance and help urban and rural civilization construction!”After hearing the case report, Chen Weirong, the procurator-general of the hospital, asked for research on the assistance issues related to “homeless women, homeless children and homeless patients with mental disorders” (hereinafter referred to as “three types of people”) in combination with the case and some localities.Zhangping City Procuratorate inspection Committee full-time member Huang Xiaojing told reporters, written by her “on the proposal to strengthen the” three types of people “check and rescue management work report”, put forward three suggestions: improve the working mechanism, the “three types of people” check, receive, rescue, management work into the peace unit evaluation;To clarify the mandatory reporting obligation and strengthen the responsibility of investigation, collection, rescue and management through evaluation and legal liability;We will establish a joint conference system to build up synergy and improve the effectiveness and effectiveness of relief efforts.This report, which embodies Xi Jinping’s thought on the rule of law and demonstrates procuratorial responsibility, has been approved by the main leaders of the Politics and Law Committee of Zhangping Municipal Party Committee, requiring the city’s Security Office to take the lead in studying detailed measures by procuratorial, civil affairs, public security and other units to build a large pattern of protecting “three types of people” in the whole society.On March 9 this year, the Zhangping City Procuratorate drafted the “Zhangping City Homeless women, street children and homeless patients with mental disorders rescue work Measures (trial), by the city’s peace construction leading group office distributed to the city’s 51 departments.The Measures fully absorbed the suggestions in the report, further defined the work objects and responsible departments, especially emphasized the role of grid members, strengthened reporting obligations, ensured that the “three types of people” entered the vision of check and rescue management at the first time, and prevented the “three types of people” from being harmed or infringing on the legitimate rights and interests of others from the source.The measures also said that procuratorial organs should issue pre-prosecution suggestions to responsible departments if they fail to perform their duties properly, and file public interest lawsuits in accordance with the law against those who fail to rectify or refuse to rectify.”The measures make the protection of the legitimate rights and interests of the ‘three types’ of people common, often caught, and really at the grassroots level by means of the rule of law, so that the vagrants in the downtown will be asked if they have distant relatives in other places!”Chen Weirong said.