Mechanism quickly activated, jiubao street went all out to win the battle of epidemic prevention and control

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“Ten teams of one headquarters office, heads of all villages and departments should quickly make peacetime and war transition.” “The special team of big data verification will immediately implement 24-hour staff duty, and launch the ‘511’ dynamic zero-clearing mechanism.”Ensure timely data reception and disposal”, “large-scale nucleic acid testing team ready to pull at any time”, “the passenger transport center in strict accordance with the requirements of departure and arrival passengers epidemic prevention and control work”, “strict work discipline, immediately start 5757 inspection mechanism”…With the 2nd and 3rd key tasks and requirements issued by the street prevention and control Directive in 2022, the whole jiubao street took swift action and entered the “combat” state of epidemic prevention and control.”Hello, have you been to xx residential area in Binjiang District on January 25?”Street epidemic specialist team is working on the core convection data, 24 hours a day.”We checked the key personnel from above, the secret contacts and the entry personnel,” said Su Ping, a member of the special team. “At the same time, we sent the data to the villages through the 511 mechanism to complete the data verification as soon as possible.”Up to now, jiubao Street data special class has completed more than 1400 big data verification.”The current outbreak is omicron and the Chinese New Year holiday is approaching, so verification is not easy.In the process of verification, a girl was identified as a close contact, because to return home, isolation makes her emotional abnormalities.We helped her recover her green code by asking her work unit, colleagues, landlord, police and other places. She is very grateful to us!”Su Ping shared a story she dealt with yesterday, “It’s worth it if we can help her!”Similarly, nine fort street each village community is also in the tense data investigation.”Cerebellum + hands and feet” played a timely role to ensure a smooth and orderly approach to the Spring Festival holiday, but on the occasion of successive days of temperature drop and rain, many people were anxious to return to their hometown. On the afternoon of January 27, the number of people queuing at the nucleic acid test site of Jiubao Health Center increased sharply.In order to prevent dangerous disorder, the center immediately activated the emergency intervention mechanism and immediately dispatched 16 team members to the nucleic acid testing site.After the team arrived, they took three measures of “road closure, drainage and control” to strengthen the site management. Then they took the initiative to coordinate with the jiuwei hospital, Jiuhe Hospital and jiuwei Hospital, and temporarily added two nucleic acid collection Windows to further reduce the flow of people.After more than an hour’s efforts, the on-site nucleic acid testing team gradually returned to normal, ensuring that the people do nucleic acid testing as soon as possible.At around 7 PM on January 27th, we received instructions from the district Prevention and control Office to accept about 160 quarantined people from Binjiang District.Streets quickly corresponding, on duty area management leader Zhou Zengyue overall command, held an emergency meeting, formulate a large number of acceptance plan.”The street is responsible for the overall responsibility, the district health 1 people, the nine health center 5 people, police station 2 people, comprehensive management 6 people, the hotel 31 people formed a special class” Zhou Zengyue said, “although the transfer acceptance work is complicated, but the various lines, departments work together, efficient operation, team operation, orderly acceptance.”Up to now, the street isolation hotel has smoothly and orderly completed the two batches of transfer of 193 people, which has been highly recognized by the isolation personnel.Jiubao Passenger Transport Center epidemic prevention and control work, one by one to measure the temperature and light code, the station to fully implement ventilation, disinfection, sanitation and other epidemic prevention measures, to ensure the safety of passengers.On January 27th, the passenger transport center dispatched 196 shifts in total, with 9 overtime shifts. The number of passengers dispatched was 2,691, reaching 1,085.The passenger transport Center subway station has 12,898 inbound passengers and 12,306 outbound passengers.Passenger transport center bus station 6 lines a total of 276 buses;The central station of EPIDEMIC Prevention and Control inspection found *2218 passengers at the entrance and *15 passengers at the arrival, which should be reported to the headquarters for closed-loop disposal as required.In addition, every village community in the neighborhood acted quickly and actively carried out epidemic prevention and control activities in the area under its jurisdiction, including gate registration, shop inspection, screening, quarantine and control, and policy publicity. With practical actions, the network of epidemic prevention and control was quickly and effectively built.At the same time, all village communities quickly arranged and stocked epidemic prevention materials to meet the needs of their communities, and jointly built a solid fortress for community epidemic prevention and control to ensure that community residents enjoy a healthy, safe and harmonious Spring Festival.