Important reminder!Xizang these sections of traffic control

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On February 10, the Tibet Autonomous Region Department of Transport learned that as of 10:39 on February 10, affected by snow, K3460+000 — K3481+000 (From Gung Village of Jilong County to Chutang Village of Jilong Town) section of national Road 216 in Jilong County, Xigaze City, snow and ice, average snow thickness of 6 cm, in order to ensure driving safety,The local traffic control department imposed traffic control on the section at 7 am on October 10.At present, blocked 10 vehicles, blocked 25 people, after the traffic police department to understand, blocked vehicles have been advised to return to jilong ditch section.The transportation department has organized 10 personnel and 4 machines to carry out the work, which is expected to resume normal traffic at 14:00 on The 10th.At 10:39 on February 10, the local traffic police department is still in traffic control on the road surface of K138-K183 (Namtso Township to Rangdanadong) of Provincial Road 206 in Dangxiong County, Lhasa.Transportation has been done on February 9, 6000 cubic meters of snow, 10 organizations bao tong personnel 22 people, mechanical 7 (vehicles) of K175 – K200 clear snow work route, and the last are greatly influenced by wind blowing snow, a section of road covered by snow, repeatedly in order to ensure safety, at present the relieve traffic control time to be determined, a section of continued to progress.On February 9, the section of National Highway 219 from Sangjiu Village to Tsavalong Township was still under traffic control.K6582+460 (Xiongzhula Mountain), K6594+300 (about 12 kilometers away from xiongzhula Mountain pass) two avalanches occurred on February 8, the transportation department has completed the snow clearing work, clearing 1680 cubic meters of snow,10 protection personnel and 4 machinery are continuing to carry out the comprehensive snow clearing work on the road, and the progress will be updated.As of 10:39 on February 10, The road surface of National Road 219 K6457+ 339-K6666 +000 (Sangjiu village to Chawalong Township) in Charu County, Nyingchi city, snow and avalanche disasters occur frequently. The transportation department has completed the snow clearing work initially, and has the vehicle traffic conditions.The transportation department today organized six people, machinery 4 (vehicles) are continuing to carry out the road widening work (snow and avalanche accumulation), local traffic police department of national Road 219 Sangjiu village to Chawalong township section is still in traffic control, control time to be determined, progress continues to report.Wang Jun is investigating at the Finance Department of Tibet Autonomous Region. Lhasa city has announced a number of major labor security violations.