Nets 3 in a row!Six players scored in double figures, but he was a sleepwalker, and Nash completely eliminated him

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The nets to continue in the home, the face is the western giants nuggets, yesterday after losing to the lakers, cope with, today against the Denver nuggets harden with sharp inside also not dozen, it makes the team’s line-up is more thin, but even a residual matrix, the nets also played is very strong, they once had 11 points behind the first quarter,But with the likes of Adriano and Benbury, they were able to get ahead.The second quarter was the nets’ best game, with Thomas hitting consecutive baskets from the bench and Vince Carter hitting two 3-pointers in a row. The Nets quickly pulled ahead, and the momentum was completely in the home team’s favor as they built a double-digit lead.But unexpectedly, the second half of the storm, the Nuggets jokic, Barton began to power, the Nuggets quickly catch up, but their best play is off the bench rivers, he hit three 3-pointers, helped the team to 11 points, the Nuggets 42-26 lead.In the final quarter, the two teams were still in a tight race, as He hit three 3-pointers and scored 11 more points in the quarter as the Nuggets overcame the nets 124-118 to hand them their third straight loss.Despite a number of regular absent, but the game, the role of the nets players performance is very grab an eye, Johnson scored 12 points and eight rebounds, 7 assists, three steals data, there are 14 points in the cloth, small bench Thomas 14 8, scored a team-high 25 points, and carter is cycas flowering, contributed 13 points and three assists.Although the team lost the game regrettablingly, many players also performed very well, but there was a person in this game was sleepwalking, in the performance is very depressed, he played 11 minutes 46 seconds, the result of 1 in 0 no score, only got 3 rebounds and 1 assist data, plus minus 11 is the lowest in the game.That man was Bruce Brown, who was a big part of the team’s bench, but was a disappointment and was left out by Nash in the final quarter.This season, although Brown’s minimum salary chose to stay in the Nets, but with the change of personnel, Brown’s role in the team is less and less, playing time is less and less, this season only 6.3 points, 4.3 rebounds and 1.2 assists per game, compared with last season has a significant decline.Although in the last few games, the team staff shortages, he also have a lot of his time, but compared with last season’s tactical status, brown more time, this season is to be on the bench, even with waste by Nash thoroughly, he calls about trading is also more and more high, at the end of this season, the nets will go one step, brown is probably the one that is most likely to leave!For more highlights, follow the sports show