The arrival of Guo Tianyu put Vizela back on track, winning two games in a row and winning the Derby for the first time in their history

2022-07-09 0 By

Recently, the study of guo tian has received the attention of the outside world, as a national team in the future the main center, fans are looking forward to guo tian can get very good growth, guo tian this season became the main hristo center, not only became the team’s best shooter scored 10 goals, but also became a local league top scorer,Therefore, the outside world also has higher expectations for Guo Tianyu, now officially started overseas career, fans are very looking forward to Guo Tianyu can prove himself in Portugal.Guo tian to join the team my visa is not a Portuguese team, their deep avoid relegation mire of the season, the relegation of this situation is very serious, but guo tian wiese join seems to be getting back on track, after a wave of burnley, wiese gained two wins, in a recent game, wiese and guimaraes staged Derby,In the end, Vizela came back to win 3-2, which was the first time in Portuguese history that vizela had won the Derby.Although guo tian did not bring immediate help for the team, but guo tian joining or indirectly brings to the team help, guo tian’s arrival let team striker felt the pressure, the veteran casiano after nine appearances and scored only 1 ball, but the last two games he has scored 3, helping the club to 2 in a row,However, this for Guo Tianyu seems to be not what good news, Casiano’s sudden outbreak will undoubtedly make Guo Tianyu appearance time is greatly affected.But this does not mean that guo tian have no chance, wiese pull boss pacheco has made it clear that the enjoyment of the guo tian, and he thinks guo tian is very need to strike team type, indeed in the current wiese pull on the frontline of casiano is the tallest, his height of 1 meter 84, while guo tian is as high as 92 m height,There is no doubt that Guo Tianyu has an advantage in this respect, the arrival of Guo Tianyu can let Vizela have more options in tactical choice, looking forward to Guo Tianyu can also have excellent performance in Portugal.