Of the six shaky stars of the season, Harden is out and Westbrook is in jail

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Where there are people, there will be waves.The NBA as a top basketball palace, also cannot avoid the scandal.From locker room conflicts, to general discord, NBA rumors never stop.Today, we look at the six stars who have been rocked this season.Simmons was the first overall pick in the 2017 draft by the 76ers.Simons outstanding talent and super physical quality, so that his debut was high expectations, and even hailed as magic Johnson’s successor.But as a top star, simmons’ inability to shoot has also been a hot topic of discussion.In the era of small ball, the point guard has gradually become the shooting guard, such as Curry, Morante, Irving and other point guard-turned-super scorer.Simmons’ inability to shoot near the rim and his 30 percent free throw rate undermined his talent and put him in hot water.Simmons’ weakness was exposed in the semifinals last season, and embiid publicly criticized Simmons after the loss. Not only did the relationship between simmons and Embiid fall apart, but simmons was put on the trade shelf by management as a result, which caused the relationship to nearly reach a freezing point.Simmons’ refusal to play this season sparked renewed debate, and Simmons has been at the center of a heated debate about everything from his inability to shoot to his distorted personality.At the trade deadline, the Nets and the 76ers closed the deal at the buzzer for Simmons, who was also freed from the 76ers.However, Simmons publicly said in the press conference that refused to play because of psychological issues, which simmons controversy again, for the Nets will be a huge blow.If Simmons can not play, the Nets this season championship is almost hopeless, the talent is lost again, if Simmons still can not play, the Nets put on the shelf again is reasonable, just a few years, once a talented boy, but because of paranoid character was imprisoned, it is amazing.Woodwood was cut several times by the Sixers, Hornets, Pelicans, rockets and other teams in the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA).Even playing basketball was once a luxury.In 2020, Wood returned to the Rockets and made a name for himself again, becoming the rockets’ most promising post player and their most inspirational big man.In the 2021-22 season, with the departure of harden, the rockets have entered a period of decay, and the team has entered a period of restructuring.Wood as the rocket core inside line, can get 17.5 points 10.2 rebounds 2.2 assists per game, scoring and rebounds are the first team, 1995 born Wood should be the future of the rocket building team cornerstone, but Wood’s personality and rockets frequently erupt turbulence.He was even suspended from the team for a while.Even caused a huge conflict in the dressing room.It also made the rockets determined to send a talented inside cornerstone away, giving up Wood has become an indisputable fact.Before the trade deadline, Wood was also in the midst of a flurry of rumors, and the spurs player, too, was exhausted by the rumors.Even courted management before the trade deadline, hoping to unwind the deal.But even though the rockets did not sell Wood, the rockets have long held a grudge against wood that will not be easily changed, the fate of the rockets’ leading scorer is still in the hands of the team, and Wood will pay for his arrogance and aggressiveness.Irving was the No. 1 overall pick in the 2011 Cleveland Cavaliers draft.As an offensive kaleidoscope, Irving’s offensive flair has made him almost unbeatable in the league, almost unstoppable when irving wants to score.What’s even more amazing is that Irving ended the game differently each time on the offensive end, completely overwhelming defenders.The brilliance of the attack stunned the four.Irving’s eccentric personality has long been known around the league, starting with his split with Lebron James in 2016-17 and ending the Cavaliers’ dynasty by requesting a trade.The Celtics went to Boston and still did what they did.Joining Durant in the Nets for the 2019-20 season, Irving remained distracted while Durant was sidelined, eventually refusing to play due to injury.In the 2020-21 season, Irving repeatedly took a leave of absence due to family matters, which caused management dissatisfaction, which also caused Harden, Durant buried the potential injury, Irving’s eccentric personality once became management’s eyeshot.The new season, Irving because of New York’s policy, has been unable to play, although, the management compromise, let the Nets play part-time, but has been unable to play at home.Irving’s refusal to change in the wake of Durant’s injury infuriated Harden, causing locker room tensions that eventually led harden to press the front office to request a trade.And Owen also became the initiator of the dissolution of the big three, suffered from public opinion controversy and doubt.Even before the trade deadline, there was a lot of talk about trading Irving.Irving has a strong individual offensive ability, but because of the strange and weird personality of controversy and trouble, and this season, the Nets trade Harden, personal ability suddenly decreased, once the nets in the playoffs poor results, Irving will undoubtedly become the team’s biggest sinner, or even the team will be abandoned.No. 3: Controversial Lillard Delillard was selected by the Blazers with the sixth overall pick in the 2012 first round.As the leader of the Portland Trail Blazers, Lillard is known for his explosive individual power, as well as his striking range. As a big heart player, Lillard’s scoring ability in critical moments is also the reason for Lillard’s time.Lillard was plagued by trade issues during the 2021-22 season, and even unhappy with the team’s decision to drop his mentor, Joel Stutz, last season.Lillard’s relationship with the Portland Trail Blazers is also about to reach freezing point.New season, Lillard in the impact of the various waves, the psychological state also appeared problems, resulting in a serious decline in competitive status, once also affected the team’s record.Lillard’s poor form, the core of the team, helped the Blazers fall from a super team to the bottom of the league, and new coach Chauncey Billups publicly criticized Lillard early in the season, causing a locker room conflict between the two.The Blazers have also been dissatisfied with Lillard, and even lost confidence in him when lillard refused to play due to injuries in the middle of the season and finally announced his retirement for the season.He also had the idea of making a deal.Before the trade deadline, the trade of Covington and McCollum, the rebuilding intention is extremely obvious, and Lillard as the leader of the team, the team has entered the rebuilding period, trade Lillard is almost ready, Lillard also publicly expressed his desire to play on the West Coast.Still continues this farce, offseason, the blazers will off a superstar, to reassure the team into the reconstruction, from the dominant foothold superstar, to question and controversy veteran, Mr Rudd has suffered this season, hope leave Portland, radmanovic will return, reappearing time rudd.Westbrook was the Fourth overall pick in the 2008 NBA draft by the Thunder.Westbrook is known for his physical prowess and lightning-fast speed.As a superstar, Westbrook is an anomaly.In an era of small ball, where shooting is required, Westbrook rose to superstardom by dominating the league with almost no shooting ability.During the 2016-17 season, Westbrook stunned the league with an all-time triple-double average of 31.6 points, 10.7 rebounds and 10.4 assists, making westbrook the first geek to average that number.Westbrook was out of control, starting a frenzy for data, data brush questions are endless.In the 2019-20 season, Westbrook left the Thunder and went to the Rockets, Wizards and Lakers in three years, which also made Westbrook from a superstar to a vagaband. The team changed one after another, the tactics changed constantly, and westbrook’s athletic condition also declined.For the 2021-22 season, the Lakers acquired Westbrook to form a Big Three team.Paper strength is not reflected in the results, and the Lakers have even lost the strength of the super team.Westbrook is averaging 18.3 points, 7.8 rebounds and 7.3 assists, a career-low 17.8 points per game after the first two seasons of his career.Westbrook was also completely lost. Not only did he have no achievements on the offensive end, but his weakness was also exposed because of his inability to shoot. On the defensive end, Westbrook was constantly played by young people, becoming a big hole in the defense.Russ so depressed state, also once caused management dissatisfaction.However, with few teams expressing interest in Westbrook due to his lackluster performance, the lakers will continue their relationship with the lakers through the end of the season after rejecting a trade offer from the rockets.The Lakers have also been working on a deal for Westbrook.But the lakers couldn’t move Westbrook until the trade window closed.However, because of Westbrook’s poor performance in key moments, Vogel even activated the emergency plan for a time, and repeatedly put Westbrook on the bench at key moments, which caused Westbrook’s dissatisfaction, even vogel’s such approach, but also failed to bring the Lakers a long-lost victory!Vogel’s audacious tactics made Westbrook the most expensive water cooler keeper and subjected him to humiliating discrimination, one of the darkest moments of westbrook’s entire career.The lakers recently suffered another three-game losing streak, Westbrook has been publicly criticizing Vogel’s system, locker room conflicts have been thoroughly intensified, the lakers dynasty recovery may not be possible.From triple-double king to water cooler keeper in just one season, it’s a shame that things have changed so much for Westbrook.Harden was the thunder’s no. 3 overall pick in the 2009 draft.For a superstar coming off the bench, Harden’s upbringing is legendary.Harden’s journey from sixth Man of the year to superstar has been a bumpy one.Harden, 32, is all about winning, but his desire to win a championship led him to split with the Rockets after eight years in Houston, apply for a trade, and eventually move to the Nets to form a Big Three team.But Irving’s quirky personality and the injury-plagued Big Three have kept Harden from winning.After Durant’s injury, Harden cited Irving’s refusal to change as a reason for the locker room conflict, which also made Harden trade controversy.At the trade deadline, harden once refused to play, in order to place the nets management, harden during almost the same thing when the rockets, and this time harden in order to avoid the criticism of public opinion, more hidden, but after the harden is trading, on harden, place of management and working inside, make harden again collapse.In any case, the storm between Harden and the Nets is still continuing to ferment, Harden also therefore again encountered hot public opinion, and even with Paul’s old story was brought up again, the name of the superstar running for the title again encountered unexpected trouble, and may even directly affect Harden’s mentality.From being the absolute leader of the Rockets to requesting a trade 2 times in 2 years, Harden is also trying his best to win a championship, hoping harden can finish what he started.