There are so many interesting people in the book industry, and book-themed documentaries feature small but beautiful

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Qilu Evening News · Qilu One point reporter Shi Wenjing “People who don’t read books may not be interested in this documentary;And people who actually read books, they don’t read.It’s a dilemma.”The production team of “But There are Books,” a documentary film themed on books, knew that they were in a dilemma, but continued to make the second season.Fortunately, this small but beautiful documentary has gained a good reputation, because they find interesting people behind the books, the people who translate, publish, write and study the books immersed in the stories of years with the books, and make the audience move.In the past two years, it has been popular to be a small and beautiful humanistic documentary with a small circle. But There are Books, under this positioning, has drilled a theme deeply and become a highlight work that can “go out of the circle” by word of mouth.Can be seen from the name, “but there are also books” is a book as the leading role of documentaries, it does not please talk about the classic version, celebrity famous writer work doesn’t do interviews, nor heavyweight books of the past, but to go deep into the industry related to the book and the crowd inside, rendering the forefront of people and things.The characters featured in the first season include Fan Ye, translator of One Hundred Years of Solitude, book designers Ning Chengchun, He Hao and Bo Ying, picture book painters CAI Gao, Xiong Liang and LAN Gran, editor and writer Zhu Yue, and ancient book editor Yu Guolin.The most obvious label on each character is his love for books. The happiness and troubles, reality and three-dimensional of people related to books are very touching to the audience.”But there are books in the second quarter is still paid close attention to the forefront of publishing or books related characters, focuses on those who still stick to the ideal, for instance, a 98 – year – old house of ancient books edition bibliography Shen Xie yuan, harry potter’s main translator ma ainong, walk on the translators and researchers identity BaoHuiYi, founder of the famous translators can Yang wu,” read the library “Leslie, famousPublisher Yang Quanqiang, ordinary person author digger tu Tu.The documentary also presents new writing phenomenon and one of the literary world, such as southwest westward to retrace the way of creative writers am Yang to be deep and clear, decades of continuous attention to writer and scholar Liang Zhuang Liang Hong, northeast literature phenomenon behind the hot writer class yu, etc., takes the reader to literature field, more in-depth to understand why they how to write, write.The documentary focuses on books, but it covers a wide range of topics, and I find all kinds of interesting people and things along with books.The most touching part of documentaries is that the behind-the-scenes workers of these books, such as editors, translators and publishers, devote themselves to the cultivation of books and become never-ending craftsmen, just like people in many industries. However, different from ordinary people, they gain a richer soul from the companionship of books.Ninety-eight-year-old Shen Xie Yuan retired to work in Nanjing Library, a few decades, he deeply into the ocean of ancient books, the director revealed that he did not even know what documentary is, but talking about ancient books gushing: “not talking about blowing words,(book) brought up, I know what it is, Ming dynasty or Qing Dynasty.””Buy a book is equal to make a girlfriend, not successful before don’t disorderly talk, disorderly talk is not successful.””I don’t want to live to be 100. I want to live one day at a time,” said Shim seok-won, who is also working on the chronology and poetry collection of Hwang Pi-yeol, a book collector in the Qing Dynasty.”Live one day at a time” becomes the movie’s mantra.Or Ma Ainong, who has always been stuck in her study and rarely appears in public, shows a fresh, lovable side, working with cute pink hands and opening up about the translation of Harry Potter.Fudan university young teachers BaoHuiYi translated the only lonely constant such as new ariel and poetry anthology, this thought is serious translator, that is a lovely girl, wearing a cheongsam, use the old typewriter, also do not forget to ridicule himself a “very”, she admitted that she is a severe patients with procrastination, the oldest manuscript for seven years, to edit, had given up.Translator Yang Wuneng assiduously translates such tomes as Faust, Magic Mountain and Heine’s Poems, but secretly loves rock and roll.The documentary presents the vivid or contrasting side of the characters and attracts the audience to pay attention to their favorite books by the richness of the characters.Documentary has become a small flint, illuminate some books, ignite some people, follow it to read, to find books, is the final destination.The documentary’s creators were also worried that the film would be too melodramatic to be seen by anyone, so they started with interesting people and captivated the audience with the commentary, fast-paced narration, animation, special effects and so on.The clever way of cutting in and the careful shooting and production, even the humanistic documentary is very circular can also be popular “out of the circle”.