Time slows down here!Shaoxing Keqiao Qian Qing village high appearance level rural library, into the villagers hit the net red land

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As the New Year approaches, Qianqing Village of Keqiao, Shaoxing, presents a new gift to the villagers. The rural library, which has been put into use with an investment of nearly 1.1 million yuan, immediately attracts the villagers to study and read.Village to rural library named “urban study”.Enter the city study of about 300 square meters, you can see the interior decoration is trendy, spacious seats, bright lights, shelves full of all kinds of books, equipped with a large screen of electronic readers and self-help book borrowing and returning machine.Villagers can easily borrow and return books through library cards or ID cards.It is worth mentioning that readers can search the information of library books in the whole province on the electronic devices in the study, and realize the borrowing and returning of books in any library in Shaoxing city, which provides great convenience for borrowing and returning books.”In the past, there were no good places to study nearby, and some parents would often go to Keqiao city to find a place for their children to concentrate on their studies during the holidays.”Village party general branch secretary Chen Guanyou said, “now the city study has been built, everyone in the village can set his mind to study, reading.”It is reported that the construction of qianqing Village urban study will start in April 2021, with an investment of about 1.1 million yuan.At present, the study is in the trial operation stage, temporarily only open on Friday night, Saturday and Sunday daytime, after January 25, with the winter vacation coming, the city study will be open every day, to provide a quiet place for the village teenagers to study.In addition to the reading room, there is also an activity room for the women’s Federation to carry out parent-child activities and rights protection, and a showroom for excellent students is specially designed.In the showroom, there are introductions of masters and doctors from the village.”The content here is updated in real time, and outstanding students from the village have a chance to be listed.I hope to encourage the villagers to read more and learn more, improve their own quality and make more contributions to society.”Chen Guanyou said.