Anyang Dry rest Center of Henan Military region held a series of cultural and entertainment activities

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Merrily make Lantern Festival, Lantern Festival.February 15 is the Lantern Festival, a traditional Festival of the Chinese nation. In order to create a festive atmosphere and enrich the cultural life of workers on holiday, under the situation of solid epidemic prevention and control, Anyang Dry Rest Center of Henan Military Area Command planned and organized in advance, and actively carried out the Lantern Festival joy party.On the day of the activity, anyang rest camp, red lanterns have been hung high, all kinds of Chinese knot, colorful lights in eyes, full of hospital flourishing, strong festival atmosphere blowing on the face, the old cadres, old aunt’s face are filled with happiness and expectation.This activity is based on the full consideration of the physical condition and activity needs of the veteran cadres, set up more than ten items such as happy guessing lantern riddles, lucky rings, table tennis clip, balloon blowing, feeling the word “fu”, you than I guess, etc., the design is unique, set knowledge, fun, entertainment in one.With laughter, the Lantern Festival joy party officially began.Liu Hua, the political commissar of the colonel, first represented the Party committee of anyang Dry rest Institute to the old cadres and old aunts to express holiday greetings and good wishes.He said that in the New Year, Anyang dry rest will be strictly in accordance with the provincial military “four” service requirements, to further do a good job of fine guarantee, and then for you to explain in detail the rules of entertainment activities.The scene of the activity presented a jubilant lively scene, participating in the activities of the veteran cadres, old aunt eager to try, elegant demeanour is not reduced.In the game, contestants use exaggerated and funny body language to perform.In the “clip table tennis” game, the old people are very focused, but because the table tennis is round and slippery, always “disobedient” from the chopsticks slip away, the audience’s heart also ups and downs.In the “guess lantern riddles” game, there is a quick guess of the answer to the riddle, jubilant, a long time can not think of, purse frown, there are eyes can not see, read aloud by the staff, both guess lantern riddles, but also a competition, the scene is very happy.”Holidays are always the busiest time in the resort, busy to comfort us, for us to prepare a variety of recreational and sports activities, in the resort’s humanized, family-friendly, meticulous service, we can happily spend our old age.”Zhou Fenglin veteran cadre said excitedly.The whole activity is guaranteed by the medical staff of the outpatient department.The joy of the Lantern Festival activities, once again let the old cadres, old aunt felt the charm of the traditional culture of the motherland, not only exercise the thinking, but also enhance the feelings, inspired the old cadres to continue to play yu Heat enthusiasm, further promote the dry rest of the spiritual civilization to create work.(Author: Wang Yaonan)