Fill king James’s shoes?Westbrook, 9+13+10, missed a triple-double 0-for-5 in the second half

2022-07-11 0 By

Beijing time on February 3, the NBA regular season lakers against the Portland Trail Blazers.Westbrook finished with nine points, 10 rebounds and 13 assists on 3-of-12 shooting, 1-of-4 from 3-point range.Still, he went 0 for 5 in the second half, and westbrook clearly needs to find his touch to fill James’ void.James remains sidelined with a knee injury, and the lakers have lost the last three games he has missed.Back home against Portland, the lakers are hungry for a win.Before the game, Lakers coach Chuck Vogel talked about James’ absence, and he had specific expectations for Westbrook: he wanted westbrook to be himself and play harder defensively in James’ absence.In the first half of the game, Westbrook had seven points, six rebounds and six assists to help the lakers take a halftime lead.However, back in the second half, Westbrook was suddenly as lost as a new man on the offensive end.Westbrook was pulled with 8:54 left in the fourth quarter.At that point, he was 0-for-3 in the second half with no field goals and only 1 point.With Westbrook out of the game, Timberlake stepped up and hit back-to-back clutch shots to keep the lakers ahead.The Blazers stayed close, however, and Westbrook returned to the court with 4:24 left.He continued to make big shots and hit four of six free throws before scoring seven in the final 2:20.Since then, the Lakers have had the last laugh.