New Year’s day, the real family so

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Young people like the life template: relaxed and romantic, leisure but not fashionable.The home of traditional concept, came off work must go back to the place, in which can be properly counter-properly make, can want to eat what to do what, can rest, can sleep.Modern consciousness of the home, all the way congestion back into the house than to go to work also tired, not to patronize the adult children, there is a hobby out of leisure to play with the toys like, put in the ark, on the shelf to enjoy themselves.You can be free, you can relax, you can rest, you can lie down and dream.Kids love to put together legos. Adults can’t figure out why kids should. It’s said to be expensive.Ask the biggest of that spell how long, answer is free to spell, time should be calculated by month, ah, still work not tired.Adults do not understand why children like these things. There is no problem with liking them, but liking them too much will certainly become a problem. The problem is what will be the result of liking them.Well, as long as the child is happy, it is good to put together a piece of work to share the joy of success, calm down and do things, praise!All over the “thirty years” good distance, but also from hi feel long, “my heart is still 18 years old that stage”, what kind of adult heart feelings, children lack a complete childhood life experience, I hope children will always be young.When children are little, they hope to grow up quickly. When children finally grow up, they always hope that children will stay in the carefree and innocent age.Children grow up but adults grow old, children mature adults become “ignorant”.Children another hobby, like to wear shoes with “pair hook”.Very small time took to go shopping mall to point at the shoes on the shelf: to hook, who think today has not forgotten.I do not know what is good to wear on the foot, but also collect, what how many generations, more do not understand, the adult “meng circle”.The first pair of shoes that wear double belt brand is “Kuang Wei” 447 Q.That year two half a month 37.5, is not to eat or drink a year’s wages can not buy back a pair of shoes.The child said, I remember that.Big children like to “hook”, passing children are also used to wear, the results of big children, children like to wear and collect, each have their own display rack, looking at fun.Car models, large and small, dazzling, several rooms can be seen everywhere, our adults a little puzzled, put the messy home is not messy ah.They say, “This is to enjoy the warmth and fullness of home.”Grown-ups said, “Knock it off, there’s nowhere else to go.”There is a home inside and out can not put up the people, a large and small have to think about, endless work, the whole up and down left and right lele ha Ha, very gratified people.Adult’s home, weekdays, festivals are so every year the Spring Festival to hang lanterns, lanterns, before living bungalow is also, then is the paper paste, inside the kind of candles, said is the rural customs, the community this year decorated lanterns, lanterns in particular.Don’t always say rural rural areas, rural how, fathers are farmers, the memory of the New Year is interesting, now called folk traditions.Now it is not called the countryside, Beijing’s urbanization progress is rapid and orderly development, the former city people also like to go to live in b&B, farmhouse music.The home of two adults is simple, rustic, practical, but I feel full of thick atmosphere of life, life has a safe place to live is enough, there are children in the side of the mood.Home real shot, figure a beaming, flat and New Year!Tiger year, family, everyone, auspicious New Year, good luck, all the best!