The Killing of The Three Kingdoms: the upcoming 9 god generals, the whole people canonized god will be far?Should the oil card be cold?

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To experience, to meet!Today is another energetic day, go chase your love xinghai!I’m durian. Welcome to this episode of “Durian says Three Kingdoms”!Now it has been confirmed that there are a total of 8 gods who have not been put on line. It is really a good guy. In retrospect, there are only 8 gods in total.However, the recent god will also be more and more outrageous, the rampant of the hades, can only use the hades to sanction, thus forming a vicious circle.Who will these eight gods be?Here’s a look at the durian.Zhi Bao: Xun Yu of god.God and country are an expansion pack, country god is the strength of the grave, now see god xun yu showed, xun yu durian in test played before god, when he has the strongest defense skill of The Three Kingdoms, but after a test version has been cut, what is the specific form of rendering only officially launched.Letter package: Shen Sun Ce.The most controversial warrior of The Three Kingdoms mobile version, has not yet launched a tsunami, as a god, he can recklessly reduce the physical strength of other players, it is outrageous.In many players’ criticism, the original strength of the underworld God Sun Ce even cut three knives, each test will cut a knife, the most recent test, God Sun Ce has been unable to play.And god Taishi ci, the first version is really the underworld, more cut more garbage, see now god Taishi Ci, basically can’t play, if the enemy will brush flash, that is the whole whiteboard, ah……Renbao: Shen Sun Quan, Shen Lu Su.The three most famous monarchs of The Three Kingdoms period were Liu Bei, Cao Cao and Sun Quan. Liu Bei and Cao Cao had already arranged their gods, and Sun Quan arrived late.This time Sun Quan and Lu Su joined renbao together.If say benevolence package in the military general all highlight a kind, so Sun quan is not an easy Lord to provoke.In his early years, he was a man of courtesy and virtue, but in his later years, he would go mad because of the problem of the emperor’s successor, forcing several meritorious officials to death, but no one else.Yong Bao: what super, god Zhang Fei.Shu’s five tiger admiral or brand face ah, before has god Guan Yu and god Zhao Yun, Guan Yu because of the appearance too early, now has become god will joke.Somehow somebody else is also a military sage, was killed by The Three Kingdoms now this intensity is really embarrassing.When it comes to god Zhao Yun, the most powerful one is Still Gunda No.1, but because gunda was restrained by the world horse, I will not say much here. Now only Huang Zhong has no god in the five tigers. If only two of the five have no god, it is nothing, but now four people have him, Huang Zhong is really too embarrassed.Yan Bao: God Yuan Shao, God Cao Ren.Our yuan Benchu arrived late, yan bao god Yuan Shao is the most worthy of looking forward to the general, the original Yuan Shao skills are very simple and rough, is the favorite of the national war players!However, at the rate of the mobile version of The Three Kingdoms, it is estimated that yuan Shao will be released in 2024. At that time, it is hard to say how popular The Three Kingdoms will be. Many people hope that Goka will cool down quickly, but it has been 5 years, and it is still getting better and better.Let’s just say we wait and see.I am durian, love games, love you more!Will you look forward to these new gods?Feel free to leave a comment in the comments section!PS: Thank you for reading ~~ the original is not easy, just by hand, if you like, click on it