The old man killed the “what” for selfish reasons and finally made his daughter pay the price

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In ancient times, there was a family whose mother died early, leaving her daughter alone with her father, who taught her to be very smart and clever.One day, because of his daughter’s words, the father killed his horse, and the daughter was blown away by a gust of wind and disappeared.They have a white horse, long god Jun strong, run up speed like the wind, and can a thousand miles.Even more amazing is that the horse can understand human nature, can understand people’s speech, the neighborhood called “what”.One day, the father had to go on a business trip, so he left the white horse with his daughter and said to her, “Daughter, you can take care of the horse while your father is away on some errand. I’ll be back soon.When her father left home, the daughter felt bored and lonely. She went to talk to the Horse. Although the Horse could not talk, it wagged its head and tail and understood her perfectly.As the days passed, the father did not return home as scheduled. The daughter missed her father very much and was worried about what had happened to her father.One day when she was brushing a Horse and thinking of her father, she said to it, “Horse, if you will find my father and bring him home, I will be your wife.But no sooner had she said that than the horse roared to the sky and, like a runaway horse, vanished from sight.The horse soon found his father.Suddenly, he heard the familiar sound of his own horse outside the door. When he went out, he saw his white horse. He was so surprised and happy that he got on the horse’s back and ran home at once.The daughter heard her father’s voice outside the door and went out to check on him. She wept and helped her father. The daughter was very happy that the horse had brought her father back.Father felt that the horses had done a great deal for him, so he gave them better food, fed them with fine grass and took better care of them.But the horse did not appreciate him and paid him no attention. On the contrary, when she saw her daughter, she would gallop and leap, and then cry up to the sky, giving out sounds of joy or anger.Surprised, the father asked his daughter privately what had happened that our horse was so warm to you and did not pay any attention to me.So the daughter told her father that she had promised the Horse to be his wife.The father thought about it for a moment, and said to his daughter in a low voice, “This must not be whispered about. It would be very shameful for anyone else to know about it. And you must not go near the Horses in the meantime.Her daughter nodded obediently.The next day the father placed arrows around the stable, shot the horse when it was not looking, and hung the horse’s skin to dry on a tree in the yard.After a few days, the daughter’s playmate came to look for her daughter to go out on the street together. Her daughter had long been bored with hair, and she happily agreed.When she passed by the yard, she saw a horse’s skin hanging in the air on a tree in the yard. She was very surprised and asked, “Is this my horse?”The daughter was very sad, and very guilty, and went forward to touch the mane on the horse’s skin. Unexpectedly, a gust of wind blew, and the horse’s skin suddenly opened, and pounded on her daughter, and flew away with her daughter.The daughter’s playmates screamed and rushed to the father.When the father arrived, Mapie and her daughter were nowhere to be seen.Mapie took the girl to a very remote place called Big Heel. It was so uninhabited that mulberry trees grew everywhere.Wrapped in horsehide, the girl had long since lost her original body and had become a silkworm in the shape of a round horse’s head.There was no other food in the area. The girl could only eat mulberry leaves, and gradually she became the master of the mulberry forest.Later, the Emperor of Heaven named her the Silkworm god, and she was finally free to transform into a human form.Although the girl became a god, but she misses his hometown day and night, whenever the melancholy myriad, the girl’s mouth will spit out a long white silk thread, in order to express their endless yearning.Later, the big heel of the silkworm god was called “the field of vomiting silk” by later generations.According to legend, people who pass through this place, every spring, they will see a beautiful young woman kneeling on a mulberry tree to spit silk, we affectionately called her silkworm goddess girl.Since then, every year on the 12th day of the 12th month of the lunar calendar, sericulture places will hold “worship the Silkworm God” activities, begging the Silkworm god goddess bless the next year to harvest more silk.Adapted from Folk Tales A man should keep his promise, but also be kind and value love over justice.If you can’t do things do not easily promise, do not like the daughter’s father to avoid completing the promise to hurt others, a lot of things have a causal relationship, what cause, what effect, finally he lost his daughter.