Warcraft nostalgic clothing: wet nurse consumption is ridiculed!Priest T6 has no promotion, only three items to get?

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Nurse professional employment in TBC nostalgic than a lot better than pure DPS career, especially in today’s gold group is given priority to the environment, the daye group SOP to nurse the player into the group, will also pay a certain subsidy as a reward, in theory, the nurse players earn gold faster than other dealers, consumption ability certainly is not a problem, but the reality is the opposite.Because of P3 stage regiment this difficulty cuts, more and more teams can easily speed T6 double this, gold group is increasing every week, the nurse in short supply, so wild group for nurse assessment can’t be too strict, as long as the basic standard can smoothly into the group, and treatment of occupational battle the advantage of good into groups, nature has been equipped to improve enthusiasm is not high, anyway have into this opportunity,Wait until the price of equipment is low, it is not too late to buy, most players also feel the same way.Review of early stage of the TBC, actually this kind of situation has always been, to have representative and expensive equipment are mostly output, for example, the stage of P1 and P2 sea dragon ridge wu, but treatment equipment often carry not only on price, even in the face of graduation equipment, mammy players also is the symbolic lift two, more than expected wouldn’t offer crustily skin of head,So there are many voices teasing the situation of wet nurses not consuming.But since it is necessary to mention consumption equipment, it must be promoted to bid, take T5 graduated priest players as an example, T6 can improve the equipment is not much, especially the T6 set compared to T5 set is also a little more therapeutic effect, but in the set effect is not as good as T5.In addition to small blame fall bulk, and the ring can start at a low price, can really move treatment equipment professional wallet has only three pieces, and they all come from the black temple tail Wang Yili Dan’s fall, the first is main hammer Carla crystal tower, the treatment of high strength bonuses, since back to proc and extra blue effect, is the weapon of all treatment professional competition,It’s easy to get a shot of ten thousand gold.There is also TBC’s strongest healing ornament — The memory of Tyrande. Although before this, some players have found that the blue recovery effect of egg flower is not ideal through testing, but the 118 points of magic healing is very solid, and the price is also hovering around 10,000 gold.The third piece of equipment is the upper elven cloaks, is also one of the few high attributes rapid treatment cloak, and because the cause of the rapid properties, many warlock players are willing to bid for it, it also makes several rival that of nurse career out of thin air, but somehow part of bulk, the price will not be too high, about five daughter are more appropriate.