Financial letters | shimao “pit hotel” 2.25 billion for sale;Ningde times refutes rumors and talks with Tesla collapse;Xiaomi wins 30 million yuan in trademark infringement lawsuit

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Shimao “pit hotel” for sale 2.25 billion hello today is February 13th, Sunday to see what are the big thing fujian fujian merchants concern enterprise 1, at present, shimao group is selling its in the abandoned quarry pit walls to create the world’s first built in stone pit of natural ecological hotel, Shanghai shimao sheshan intercontinental hotel.The hotel is a real Internet celebrity hotel.The external offer is 2.25 billion yuan, not yet closed.The project has 336 rooms and covers an area of 42.82 square meters, with 15,200 square meters above ground and 45,000 square meters below ground.2. Ningde Times released a statement today, saying that a series of malicious rumors about Ningde Times being sanctioned by the United States, being removed from the GEM weight index, and failing to discuss with Tesla have appeared on the network platform recently, which have caused market misunderstanding and distortion and affected the corporate reputation.The rumor was much ado about nothing, baseless and vile in nature.In order to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the company, our company has officially reported the case to the public security organ on February 12, 2022, and will investigate the rumor maker for legal responsibility according to law.Finance and Economics 3, 11, “Hangzhou national business environment innovation pilot implementation plan” announced.Hangzhou has introduced 153 reform items and launched a pilot program of national business environment innovation.In 2021, 277,200 new market entities will be established in Hangzhou, and more than 11,000 new enterprises will be added every month.The total number of market entities exceeded 1.52 million.Guangzhou recently released a negative list and a black and white list of off-campus training institutions.The negative list forbids training institutions from running schools in terms of qualifications, training fees and advertising. It forbids running schools in cooperation with primary and secondary schools, and forbids conducting disciplinary training in the name of consulting, cultural communication, “housekeeping service”, “live-in teacher” and “crowdfunding private education”.5. In response to the online rumor that the issuance and application of private passports for overseas travel have been resumed, the National Immigration Administration responded that the information is not true, but for those who do need to go abroad for study and other purposes, they will issue passports and other exit and entry documents after examination.(CCTV News) 6. Virtual real estate and virtual land projects on some meta-cosmic platforms have been popular, with transactions of hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars.Now the virtual real estate price of Rainbow Universe in a platform exchange group has shrunk to several hundred to dozens of yuan, even as low as 18 yuan.Many sellers shout out “discount sale”, still almost no one ask.Next week, 45 stocks will be lifted from lock-ups, with a total lifted market value of 117.06 billion yuan according to the latest closing price.The lifting of the ban market value of more than 10 billion shares of 3, respectively, are Follett, Citic Securities, Lihua shares.Next week, 1.159 billion shares will be listed and circulated, mainly restricted shares of the original shareholders of the ipo, with a market value of 48.041 billion yuan.From the proportion of the number of shares lifted in the total share capital, 2 shares lifted market value of more than 50%.Lihua shares took the lead in lifting the ban, reaching 68.24%, followed by Fuling Electric Power, Jinhe Biological and Other shares.Since the start of the year, commodities have been the star performer against the backdrop of a global asset class that has suffered.Internationally, the international crude oil price to “100 dollars”, as a major commodity price of crude oil substantially up, driving the whole commodity market to strengthen.In domestic agricultural products, palm oil rose 18%, soybean oil 13%, soybeans, soybean meal and rapeseed meal more than 14%.In industrial goods, iron ore, glass and other commodities jumped more than 20 percent.Among them, glass prices rose about 36%, rebar and hot rolled coil up more than 13%.Investor interest in ETFs in The Hong Kong market has increased in the past year, in spite of the extreme volatility in Hong Kong equities.According to the “Hong Kong ETF Market 2021 Annual Review” recently released by Efonda Hong Kong, funds poured into Hong Kong ETF market last year, with a total amount of ABOUT HK $60 billion, the highest increment in recent years.The total market value of ETF products hit a record high of HK $428.7 billion.Shanghai Boli Food Technology Co., Ltd. recently updated its prospectus and plans to list on the main board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange.Boli Food is mainly engaged in the research and development, production and technical service of food seasonings, and has cooperative relations with KFC, Pizza Hut, McDonald’s, Decos, Burger King, Cp Food, Xi Cha, etc.In addition, Poly Food completed the acquisition of 75% equity of Hangzhou Kitchen AFen Technology Co., LTD., the parent company of “Empty deliberate noodles”, in March 2021.Business 11. On February 10, data released by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) showed that Huawei has become the largest applicant for 2021 with 6,952 published PCT applications, topping the list for five consecutive years.A total of 13 Chinese companies are among the top 50 in the global PCT list of international patent applicants, including OPPO, BOE, ZTE, Vivo, DJI, Tencent and Xiaomi.Since 1978, when the World Intellectual Property Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) came into operation, the US has retained the top spot. In 2019, China surpassed the US for the first time to become the world’s largest source of patent applications.12, Xiaomi Technology Co., LTD. (Miui Technology) sued Shenzhen Miui Trading Co., LTD. (Shenzhen Miui) for trademark infringement and unfair competition disputes in the first instance.The verdict said Shenzhen-based Xiaomi had committed malicious infringement and ordered it to pay Xiaomi 30 million yuan in compensation.13. Recently, a monitoring system developed by Shenzhen Convincingly attracted controversy.12, deep convinced staff told reporters that the system through the company Intranet monitoring and recording, does not include personal network.It is understood that Shenxin applied for the patent of “a method, device, device and storage medium for turnover tendency analysis” as early as 2018. The method includes: obtaining online behavior data from employees’ terminals;Judge whether there is behavioral data related to turnover intention in the online behavior data.According to CNN, Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, will have to pay about $11 billion in federal taxes in 2021. Meanwhile, Tesla, as a company, did not pay federal taxes last year.(Guangming network) 15, 11, Xiaopeng automobile announced that the first direct store in Europe in Stockholm, Sweden officially opened.On the evening of October 10, Xiaopeng announced a partnership with Swedish car dealership and distributor Bilia and Dutch car retailer Emil Frey. Bilia and Emil Frey will expand xiaopeng’s local sales and service network.The retail model of “direct sales + authorization” adopted by Xiaopeng automobile in China has also been replicated in the European market.(Caixin) Editor: Lin Jin Reviewer: Yang Liuqing