Why does the selling agent always show the house first without asking for demand?

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A lot of friends and I have said this problem, a lot of intermediaries, listen to you buy a house, come up is not to ask the black and white, first pull to see the house again, leading to a lot of friends who buy a house is very disgusted with such behavior.First of all, real estate agents are for profit, which I’m sure no one would disagree with.Want profit, must have clinch a deal, clinch a deal ability collect intermediary fee.The closest step to a deal is to look at the house.Again, determine that customers want to buy a house, about the time to see the house first, there are many reasons for the benefits.1. If you sincerely buy a house, you can adjust the time to come out to look at the house. The more anxious you are to buy, the more you cooperate with the intermediary.2. Don’t use the phone or wechat when you can talk in person.First use one or several nice houses, ask you to come out to see the house, meet to talk about your needs and the situation, that is, to explore, you in the end do not rely on ah.3. Meeting and chatting can also show the professional degree of the intermediary more, get more recognition from the buyers, and generate more stickiness, so that you can make an appointment next time you really have a good house.1. 4. Smart refrigeratorIt is the intermediary boys are required to form data, especially those who have not taken clients to look at houses for several days. I would like to ask you to come out and see if you can do it. At least, he can cope with the data assessment of leaders today.5 pull you to look at the house, no matter you can not, first look for the owner to bargain again, the price can be pressed down, and then about other customers, even the group of customers look at the house have no, how bashful and the owner talk about the price?In fact, the real estate agency is more and more bad, because there are so many routines, it will make many people who don’t know anything at the beginning of the house disgusted, not all day long to ask the time to see the house is to call to ask you buy?People, more sincere, less routine.Not afraid to accompany the unreliable client to go, he wants to buy a house, who does not know to understand?I know, so I can do it.Similarly, everyone has been a rookie, so don’t be mean to a less professional broker. You don’t have to buy from her, but please don’t hurt her.It’s not easy to buy a house, it’s not easy to make a living, it’s much easier to take other people’s business as your own.I am @ dragon city real estate hundred xiao sheng , in Taiyuan engaged in real estate trade for twelve years, welcome supervision.Original content, prohibit reprint without notice.