Xiaxin township “three steps” to strengthen the development of characteristic industries

2022-07-12 0 By

On February 17, cadres and workers in Xixin Township went into the field to plan the 2022 industrial road infrastructure project.It is understood that the township ginkgo village a large number of arable land and paddy fields due to the young labor force out of work and abandoned.After research, GaiXiang party committee decided to increase the intensity of land reused, to establish “relying on the resource characteristics, based on characteristic xing industry, relying on industry live global” as the key point of “three-step” development strategy, the entire town characteristic industry development, the existing rural idle land use and development of flue-cured tobacco, medicines, such as breeding industry, at the same time absorbing rural surplus labor force,We will further improve the utilization rate of resources in the township to increase people’s income and help rural revitalization.(Correspondent Qin Wenhong Wen/Photo)