Zhao xintong swept to the title 5-1, thumping 101-0, 105-0 to put Turkey in an unbeatable state

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The 2022 Turkish Open snooker qualifying tournament continues.British Championship and German champion Zhao Xintong scored two strokes over 100 and two over 50 to beat Louis Haycott 5-1 and force her way into the Turkish Open.Zhao, ranked eighth in the world, is the British Championship champion and German Masters champion.At the German Masters two weeks ago, Zhao played extremely well, beating three-time world champion Mark Williams and defending champion Judd Trump to reach the final, beating Yan Bingtao 9-0.After winning the German Masters, he had to compete in the Champions League group. Maybe he was overdrawn in the German Masters. His performance in the Champions League group with 7 group champions was mediocre and he did not advance to the final four.After the champions League group ended, Cho jumped into the Turkish Open qualifiers.In the Qualifying round of the Turkish Open, Chao played world No. 103 Louis Hay-Scott, whom she beat 4-2 in the second round of the Wilson Open in 2020.Coming into the newly established Turkish Open qualification, Zhao xintong faced Haycott and found her attacking form again.In the first frame of the match, Haycott led the charge with a 77-0 shutout of Zhao for a 1-0 lead.In the second set, Chao began to come into his own and hit a 54 to break 86-36 and level the score at 1-1.In the third set, Zhao’s hand improved further as he smashed 101 points to seal a 2-1 lead against Haycott 101-0.In the fourth, Zhao hit another 51 and won 66-58 to make the score 3-1.In the fifth set, Zhao won 73-12, extending her lead to 4-1 with three match points.In the sixth set, Chao was on fire and Hascott was completely contained.This round, zhao xintong hit a single 105 points, 105-0 seal Hascott, 5-1 overall sweep to advance.