Zhuzhou Longxing Middle School held a series of activities on campus science and technology festival

2022-07-12 0 By

In order to establish students’ awareness of “love science, learn science and use science”, cultivate innovative spirit and practical ability, on April 2nd, Longxing Middle School in Tianyuan district, Zhuzhou city held the second campus science and technology Festival activities.With the theme of “Building a Strong country through science and technology — Moving towards the future together”, the science and Technology Festival held on-site competitions and garden parties.There are 13 on-site competitive events, including individual events such as Chess game, paper plane flying competition, Sudoku, paper boat bearing, Rubik’s Cube competition, creative handcraft, silk screen flowers, creative programming, paper cutting art, creative leaf bookmark;There are three team projects, which are water rocket, egg hit the earth, stacking cards to build a tower.At the scene of the competition, students took out their unique skills, with passion and vitality, to show their expertise.In the garden party activities, each class prepared various forms, rich content of activities, students with curiosity, into each class to explore the fun of science.This science and technology activity inspired the students’ innovative spirit, improved their hands-on ability, opened the wings of their science and technology dreams, and added infinite vitality to the campus.[Editor: Hu Ying][Source: Science and Education News – New Hunan client]