The 700,000-word new novel falls to the top of the xianxia list

2022-07-13 0 By

Starting point xianxia novel recently out of the new, a named “Three hundred years of xianxia suddenly found to be wuxia” xianxia fantasy class xianxia article, but nearly 700,000 words on the sky xianxia channel best-selling top, “big feng beat more people” pull down the top.Although such a top may be only temporary, but can stand on the top of the mountain for more people to see, is also a good way to promote their own.Moreover, judging from the conception and writing reflected in the novel’s introduction, it is worth expecting a wave of content.This novel begins with the system flow setting, not only for the protagonist to create a system of advanced consciousness, but also buried the invincible flow setting.The protagonist crosses into a system called advanced fairy world, in order not to be killed instantly, the system arranges a protection space for the protagonist to practice and improve, and then kill out 300 years later.Therefore, the leading role in this space for 300 years, upgrade to a very high level of realm, debut is rolling, the plot directly jump invincible flow.At this time, the plot came to an unexpected reversal, the original system told the protagonist that the outside world is a high-level fairy world, but the protagonist was born to find that it is a martial arts world.In this way, the main character must be invincible by now.Then what obstacles will be encountered after the author can only wait for the follow-up.So far, the novel has won readers’ approval by moving quickly through the story of the main character’s 300 years of survival without any hesitation to fill the space.Works of imagination is also worth applauding readers, writing online story to advance smoothly, is a superior invincible cool text, can be regarded as a qualified collection of works.Look forward to the author’s follow-up performance.I wonder if you are interested in this novel.