Drop in temperature + rain before hainan cold wave

2022-07-14 0 By

The reporter learned from the provincial meteorological station yesterday that it is expected to January 26, the northern half of Hainan Island between cloudy cloudy scattered light rain, rain has a certain impact on transportation;On the 27th, the weather of the whole island was mainly cloudy, and the weather conditions of transportation were good.26th to 27th, Qiongzhou Strait, cloudy with light rain between cloudy days, light fog in part of the period, navigation weather conditions are poor when there is fog, navigation weather conditions are good in the rest of the period.Haikou 26th day, cloudy with light rain, the highest temperature of 24℃.It is expected that on January 26, the northern half of Hainan Island will be cloudy with scattered light rain, and the southern half will be cloudy.The highest temperature is 24-27℃ in the north of Wuzhishan, 27-29℃ in the south of Wuzhishan, and 17-20℃ in the whole island.On The 27th, the weather was fine across the island, with the temperature rising slightly.It is expected that on the 28th, the whole island will be mainly cloudy with the highest temperature 28-31℃ in the southwest, 26-28℃ in the rest of the island and 17-21℃ in the lowest temperature.From May 29 to 31, due to the cold air, the whole island will have a cooling and rain process.The provincial main road traffic forecast is expected on January 26, hainan Middle East highway expressway haikou to QiongZhong road, haikou to qionghai, haikou to danzhou road west highway, between cloudy cloudy with a short light rain, rain has certain influence to the transportation, when the rest of the time transportation meteorological condition is good.27, the island’s main road traffic weather conditions are good.It is expected that on the 28th, all sections of the traffic and transportation weather conditions are good;From 29th to 31st, affected by the cold air, the whole island will have a cooling and rain process, which will have a certain impact on transportation.Reporter Lin Honghui