Hebei “Panda man” blood to help the Winter Olympics

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“It is the pride of every Panda man to prepare his blood for the Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics.During the Winter Olympics and Paralympics, we will keep our phones open 24 hours a day and donate blood as soon as possible.””Said Jiang Xiaohu, a volunteer from the Rare Blood Group Alliance in Langfang, Hebei.Rh-negative blood group accounts for a low proportion of the Chinese population and is a rare blood group, so it is known as “panda blood”.During the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, foreign athletes and staff gathered in the competition area, and only enough Rh-negative blood can ensure the demand for medical and clinical blood during the Winter Olympic Games.Volunteers of Langfang Rare Blood Group Donate blood to prepare for the Winter Olympics.(Provided by Langfang Rare Blood Group Alliance) Blood collection, testing, separation, warehousing……Recently, langfang central blood station sent 8 units of RhD negative blood and 50 units of O type de-white suspended red blood cells to Zhangjiakou city by cold chain transport vehicle.So far, the Langfang Rare Blood Group Has prepared blood for the Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics four times, and more than 40 volunteers have donated 16,400 milliliters of blood.”Langfang Central Blood Station is a second-tier blood guarantee institution for the Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics.After receiving the blood guarantee task, we immediately activated the emergency support plan for the Winter Olympics, and implemented the plan one by one, from volunteer recruitment to blood collection, testing, preparation and distribution, to ensure the blood supply demand during the Winter Olympics.”Langfang city central blood station deputy stationmaster Gao Zhanhai said.A volunteer from The Rare Blood Group Alliance of Langfang shows the Rh-negative emergency blood donation volunteer certificate for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games.Zuo Yinghao, vice president of Langfang Rare Blood Group Alliance, is a “Panda man”. She has been organizing the popularization of rare blood group knowledge and voluntary blood donation for a long time, and has donated 3,000 ml of blood personally.”In order to meet the maximum demand for rare blood for the Winter Olympics and Paralympics, we have also set up two emergency support teams, including an 88-member whole blood support team and a 20-member component blood support team.””Zuo yinghao said.Now, langfang Rare Blood Group Alliance has more than 1,000 members.(Reporter Qi Leijie)