Innovative payment helps facilitate people’s new life UnionPay mobile flash payment upgrade new experience

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Recently, a creative advertisement is quietly popular on the Internet.A young man, engrossed in a game on his mobile phone, walks to the subway station. Just as he reaches the entrance, he double-clicks the power button and opens the subway gate without interrupting the game.Another young man was buying clothes in a shopping mall. During the conversation, the young man double-clicked the power button and instantly called up the payment code to complete the shopping payment.The anchor is conducting a gourmet shop live broadcast. While interacting with fans on the live screen, she double-clicks the power button, and a hot food is immediately delivered to her hand.What supports this creative advertisement is the excellent use experience of unionPay mobile flash payment: NFC non-connection payment can be used, and payment codes can be easily transferred to meet consumers’ payment preferences in different usage scenarios;”Da da” double click the power button, without opening any APP can complete the payment, in order to efficiently support the user’s multi-threaded daily payment.Since its inception, China UnionPay has been at the forefront of payment product innovation.In 2003, the fledgling China Union Pay piloted a payment service based on SMS in some southern cities.Since then, through technological innovation and industrial cooperation, China UnionPay has started to pre-study the financial payment function based on NFC (Near field communication) technology at the initial stage of smartphone listing.In 2006, Nokia introduced the 3220 mobile phone with integrated NFC chip.China UnionPay simultaneously released mobile flash payment 0.1 version, and in 2008, in Shanghai, launched the world’s first open business scene NFC mobile payment pilot.The mobile phone flash payment scheme integrating NFC chip is also the mobile payment technology scheme widely adopted by mainstream mobile phone manufacturers such as Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO, Vivo, Apple, Samsung and Meizu in the future.In the following years, China UnionPay also cooperated with communication operators and mobile phone manufacturers to explore mobile phone flash payment schemes based on SD card chips and SIM card chips.In 2013, the 13.56MHz NFC operating frequency was uniformly recognized as the standard solution of the non-acceptable market in the industry, paving the way for the application of NFC technology in mobile payment.With the rapid development of China’s mobile phone industry and payment industry, mobile flash payment has entered a stage of steady development.China UnionPay has cooperated with three major mobile operators, mainstream mobile phone manufacturers at home and abroad, and mainstream wearable device manufacturers at home and abroad successively. United with commercial Bank, China UnionPay has launched the 1.0 version of mobile flash payment in full mobile mode.As of 2018, major mobile phone brands in the market, including HUAWEI Pay, MI Pay, OPPO Pay, Vivo Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Meizu Pay, etc., have opened their own mobile phones.Flash payment on mobile phones has also become a representative of the new trend of payment, favored by business travelers and young customers.After years of market exploration, mobile flash payment version 1.0 has been basically mature, and has become the first choice for large passenger flow scenarios due to its advantages of fast payment speed, high efficiency and being free from network conditions.At the same time, in order to meet the payment demand of the domestic ordinary consumer market and reduce the threshold of using machines and tools, China UnionPay also tried to integrate qr code payment function on the basis of mobile flash payment 1.0 version.Since 2018, China UnionPay has tried to develop flash payment 2.0 for mobile phones, in order to meet the diversified payment needs of consumers in different scenes, different regions and different times, and quickly gain market recognition.Three years later, in June 2021, China UnionPay, together with mobile phone manufacturers and commercial banks, officially launched mobile flash payment 2.0 upgrade products.On the basis of realizing the integration of card code, superposition launched “face verification” “no input card number binding card” “double click use” and other more convenient, safer, more comprehensive functions.In the card binding stage, users upgrade the wallet in the system to the latest version and click Add bank card. After identity security verification and authorization, users can sign and bind the card without entering the card number, and their payment experience is further improved.At present, bank of communications, agricultural bank, post office, bank, citic bank, Shanghai pudong development bank, minsheng bank, huaxia bank, ping an bank, guangdong development bank, bank of bank of Beijing, nanjing, Harbin, dalian bank, bank of jining, qilu bank, bank of east Asia, tyrone Banks, commercial Banks such as bank of tai have support this feature.In the payment phase, UnionPay mobile flash payment 2.0 also further enhances the “double-click” experience.The “UnionPay +” entry also integrates diversified applications such as user information management, transaction inquiry, concessions and rights and interests services, which can truly solve online and offline, domestic and overseas payment scenarios with one mobile phone, and provide effective support for UnionPay users to “wave” a new attitude of payment.In terms of credit card bill inquiry and repayment, unionPay mobile flash payment 2.0 version has supported nearly 100 bank credit card users to check their bills with one click.The new consumption installment function supports users to choose the installment number freely when shopping in more than 100 electronic appliance merchants and check the installment rate in real time.With the continuous improvement of unionPay digital payment ecology, unionPay mobile flash payment has covered all kinds of convenient scenes such as online shopping, transportation and digital entertainment. More than 56 million merchants in China have accepted UnionPay mobile flash payment, covering 95.7% of the total.In different scenarios, the new UnionPay mobile flash payment always provides consumers with efficient, convenient and high-quality payment experience.In the field of transportation, the instantaneous passenger flow peak caused by the travel peak requires that payment products have the characteristics of reliability, off-line payment, and fast time of payment.Mobile phone flash payment through NFC near field interaction mode, users can pay off-network, and shorten the payment time to 200 milliseconds, greatly improving the efficiency of passengers passing through the brake.In addition, the “Ride code” application of UnionPay was officially launched on Huawei Wallet, creating a new experience of “double-clicking the power button can facilitate riding without opening the APP”.At present, various unionPay mobile payment methods, such as flash payment by mobile phone, have covered 41 subways in Beijing, Shenzhen, Wuhan and Dongguan and more than 1,760 public buses in cities and counties. More and more UnionPay users enjoy more convenient travel experience.The survey in the major business areas of the country shows that users are more inclined to double click the power button to call up the payment code to complete the payment.The new UnionPay mobile flash payment service not only provides users with convenient payment services, but also rewards consumers with preferential activities such as full reduction and lottery.From the initial version 0.1 to the gradually mature version 1.0, UnionPay has gone through the process of starting from scratch, from foundation to perfection, in cooperation with mobile operators, domestic and foreign mainstream mobile phone manufacturers, domestic and foreign mainstream wearable device manufacturers and other partners.During this journey, we built a foundation and overcame various technical difficulties.From version 1.0 to version 2.0 with richer functions and more convenient experience, UnionPay and its partners have made continuous progress. Guided by the needs of people’s livelihood, they have “double clicked the power button, double clicked direct payment” to “wave” the new trend of payment and unlock the new attitude of payment.In today’s digital economy high speed development, unionpay flash pay phone will last, building the open digital products, and united commercial bank, mobile phone manufacturers and other industries, accelerating and promoting digital card, to card, card and so on each link of product experience and customer service skills, to practice “to pay for the people” concept, service entity economy development contribution strength.