Sanli chairman Lin Kun Hai died of illness, whether people take tea cool?”Gushing speech meeting” moves into focus

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Lin Kun-hai, chairman of Taiwan’s Lvying Sanli TV station, has died, Taiwan media reported. It remains to be seen whether the “Yongyan Hui” (” Shanghai Faction “), which he founded, will weaken its future power and influence the election campaign at the end of this year.It is believed that the key to the future of the group is the loss of its most powerful media and financial support after The death of Lin Kun Hai.Lin Kun-hai, the chairman of Taiwan’s Sanli TV station and a benefaction of Tsai Ing-wen and the leader of the democratic Progressive Party, has died.Sources said that Lam kun Hai, 68 years old, was extubated in hospital this morning, and his body is expected to be taken to the Kaohsiung City funeral hall next to jing Si Yuan hall.His career spans politics, business and media. He is best known for his role as chairman of Sanli TV, and his transformation from a taxi driver to a multi-billion Taiwan dollar (NT $) film and television hegemon is called Nanbatian.Vol.115 sea has a strong interest in politics, in 2001 had no party in parliamentary elections, kaohsiung was more seats plural district, kaohsiung only 1, 2, two districts, vol.115 sea by 20000 more than 5000 votes, 2 high ticket lost, but he does not forget the political dream, cause influence actively through huge media resources, let him to occupy a place in politics.After the establishment of Sanli TV, gradually dominate the local market in Taiwan, and the establishment of Sanli News channel makes “Hai Dong” become the key point of green business.In particular, when Zheng Hongyi “big talk news”, a large number of invited quite green mouth, green camp people also vie for exposure on the program, three pro-green color is more obvious, Lin Kunhai also do not shy away from contact with green camp generation, let him play a significant role in the formation of “Shanghai” green camp.In 2016, Lin Yinggrong, a Kaohsiung city lawmaker whom He supported, was elected to the DPP’s central Standing Committee, symbolizing her entry into the core of power.The “Shanghai Group” and the “British” leader huang Chengguo in the form of cooperation in the “sea congress”, after the parting of the ways, the members of the “Shanghai group” to operate in the “chung Yan Society”, including “legislators” Zhao Tianlin, Wang Dingyu, Lin Chuyin and other local city councilors.”Chung will” grow, in kaohsiung and chrysanthemum is a counterweight, “chung said will” transaction is mostly dominated by the party headquarters of the democratic progressive party (DPP) kaohsiung chair Zhao Tianlin operation, Zhao Tianlin by the end of the campaign, kaohsiung pushing army, campaign kanban streets hanging, but he was briefly by the other party faction questioned, “chung said would certainly have local party resources to make the world”,It has caused quite a controversy.Now that Lin Kun-hai has died of illness, will sanli continue to “speak out” as Lin Kun-hai did before his death?It is not known for now, but the attitude of sanli’s top management may affect the layout of “Yong Yan Hui”.However, the DEMOCRATIC Progressive Party (DPP) has been advocating “withdrawal of the party, government and military from the media” for years, and has a highly “different” view of the dual role of Lin Kun-hai in the political media, which also makes the society feel bad. Whether the power of the “Yongyan Hui” will be weakened in the future and who will take over the leadership has become the focus of the outside world.# Taiwan # If you want to know more about Taiwan, follow the Straits Herald