The joint purchase of cultural performances by provinces, cities and counties will be officially launched in 2022

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“Reload, sharpen the sword, wait for the trumpets to sound, the battle hymn to charge has been sung, our heroes are in high spirits…”On the evening of February 17, the Zhanhua Grand Theater in Binzhou city was brightly lit and bustling. The modern Peking Opera “Surprise Attack of the White Tiger Troupe”, which was dedicated by shandong Provincial Peking Opera Theater, was put on grand display. It also means that the 2022 joint purchase of cultural performances by provinces, cities and counties officially kicked off.Yu Jian, Party secretary and chairman of Shandong Performing Arts Group; Jiang Qingpeng, Party secretary and president of Shandong Peking Opera Theater; Chi Zhenhai, Deputy Secretary of Zhanhua District Party Committee and leader of Zhanhua District Team of “Strengthening rural Grassroots Party Organization Construction”; Guo Junfeng, party Secretary and chairman of Zhanhua District CPPCC;Li Baoyu, member of the Standing Committee of Zhanhua District Committee, head of the Publicity Department and deputy head of Zhanhua District government, and more than 800 party members, cadres and masses watched the red classic.As one of the outstanding plays “to welcome the party’s twenty hundred red classic plays”, Surprise Attack of the White Tiger Regiment is a specimen work of inheritance and innovation, and a classic work recorded in the history of new China’s art development.On the stage, the artists created rich artistic images with high enthusiasm, full spirit and superb acting skills, reproducing the revolutionary spirit of the heroes in the classic red stories.At the performance, the audience was fully engaged in the opera feast, Shouting and applause around the theater, the actors on the stage singing, reading, doing and fighting to show the charm of modern Peking Opera incisively and vividly, deeply affecting every audience.”I was born in the 1950s. Many of my generation got into Peking Opera from watching it and grew up studying it.”An audience member said in an interview, “Surprise attack of the White Tigers is a good performance worth seeing, thanks to the provincial cultural policy.”Yu Jian said that under the care and support of the publicity Department of the Provincial Party Committee, the Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, the provincial Department of Finance and the Party committees and governments at all levels in 2022, with the theme of publicity to welcome the party’s 20th Congress, adopt the combination of online and offline ways to organize “100 red classic plays”.And the cultural performance and “Party history education”, “Art Party class” and other series of activities closely combined, through a distinct theme, rich and colorful forms of activities, better meet the spiritual and cultural needs of the people, for the new era of cultural province to contribute to the construction of performing arts.The first “surprise white Tiger group” performance can be described as “intimate grass-roots to send classic, emotional appeal to the hearts of the people;Singing carols to celebrate the event, heroes write about a new era.”Jiang Qingpeng expressed his gratitude for the performance invitation of Shandong Theater line, and hoped that more excellent plays could be presented to grassroots audiences with the help of the innovative cultural performance platform jointly purchased by provinces, cities and counties.In 2022, the three levels of provinces, cities and counties will jointly purchase cultural performances for the benefit of the people. With the theme of promoting and welcoming the party’s 20th National Congress as the theme, the introduction of red-themed plays will be intensified, the extension of artistic services will be expanded, and the theater and the local Party Committee and government will jointly carry out the “100 red classic plays to welcome the Party’s 20th National Congress”.The cultural performance will be closely combined with the party’s 20 thematic activities, and better meet the spiritual and cultural needs of the people through distinctive and colorful activities.In the evening, zhanhua district government took “Surprise Attack white Tiger Regiment” as an opportunity to organize the majority of Party members and cadres to carry out “art Party class” activities.A infiltrating red classic drama, a vivid and unforgettable “art Party class”, let the history of the party learning education walk “new” more “heart”, with the stage art form to express the content of the Party class, let the Party class “live” up.Li baoyu said that the first performance was chosen in Zhanhua, reflecting the care and support of provincial and municipal leaders to Zhanhua, bringing a “cultural feast” to the masses, but also providing a strong impetus to accelerate the development of local cultural undertakings and promote the revitalization of rural culture.Through the performance, aimed at inheriting the red cultural gene, encourage all party members and cadres to love the Party dedication, the courage to take responsibility, pioneering forward, promote the work to go ahead, do first, fall in reality, with excellent results to meet the party’s 20th victory held.Huimin show on the road so far, the province city of 16 32 counties (city, area) in shandong theater theatre cinemas, under the joint purchase province county level cultural huimin work performance, this work since the launch on January 3, 2020, under the strict implementation of the epidemic prevention and control measures, staged quality plays, 94 495 high level performances,It has served more than 320,000 audiences, with an average attendance rate of 96% and audience satisfaction of 97%. It has promoted the three-level joint purchase platform of provinces, cities and counties to truly become the overall planning platform for revitalized performing arts resources, the promotion platform for excellent plays and the implementation platform for cultural benefits to the people.2022, level 3 joint purchase platform will continue to provide more high quality for the audience, quyi, opera, drama, concerts, play and so on the many kinds of performance type, central national orchestra, opera house, the national symphony orchestra, national opera house, happy twist, the judicial and made famous performing arts organizations’ excellent dramas will will be on the stage, is the “flowers”,With a variety of artistic forms, the public can enjoy the high-level performance at home, and feel the pulse of The Times, the brilliance of life and the charm of art together with the people of the whole country.It is reported that the surprise Attack of the White Tiger regiment will tour muping Grand Theater on February 20, Jining Shengyuan Stage on February 23, and Tengzhou Theater on February 26.Promote traditional culture, inherit the national spirit, inspire entrepreneurial morale, welcome the general audience into the theater to feel the unique artistic charm of this classic masterpiece.