The women’s soccer team won the gold medal by reversing their dominance!Shuiqingxia god adjustment, Wang Shanshan too almighty, Tang Jiali win the future

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Even after conceding two goals in the first half, the Chinese women’s football team did not disappoint.Experienced two elimination game reverse promotion, unyielding spirit has been deeply branded in the hearts of the women’s football girls.Tang Jiali point shot, Zhang Lingyan head mallet, Xiao Yuyi volley, with 3 goals one after another, was reversed by the Korean players standing in a daebemused field, can not believe their eyes, but also for the Japanese players a few days ago experience.By defeating Japan and South Korea in succession, The Chinese women’s football team not only won the Asian Cup championship, but also won the fans’ touching and admiration.Compared with China’s 120-minute penalty shootout in the semifinal, South Korea beat the Philippines and had an extra day of rest. In terms of physical strength, South Korea has an obvious advantage.Therefore, in the starting lineup, Shui Qingxia guidance to arrange the recovery of wang Frost and Tang Jiali top in the front line, and again let Wang Shanshan as a central defender.Chinese women’s football in the first half of the hot chart such an arrangement, Shui Qingxia guidance obviously want to control more in the first half.On the one hand to save their physical strength, on the other hand more consumption of the South Korean team, so as to prepare for the second half of the second half.However, such deployment is equivalent to a double-edged sword, from the first half of the Chinese women’s football hot map, because Wang Shuang and Tang Jiali do not belong to the center forward, resulting in the opponent’s penalty area, the lack of enough impact.Add Wang Shuang just injury recovery condition is not good, the first half is almost in stealth state actually excusable.As a result, the Chinese women’s team had 60.2 percent possession at half time, but fell 2-0 behind.Faced with a 2-goal deficit, Shui Qingxia made decisive adjustments in the second half, removing Wang Shuang, Lou Jiahui and Wu Chengshu, who were not in good condition, and replacing them with Two side workers, Zhang Lingyan and Xiao Yuyi, at the same time, wang Shanshan was the center.From the second half of the hot map, with Wang Shanshan in the middle of the fulcrum, plus the side of the two attack points, The Attack of The Chinese women’s football team was activated instantly.The three goals of the Chinese women’s soccer team came from zhang Linyan’s point and head hammer, and xiao Yuyi’s second winner, set up by Wang Shanshan at the center.From the results, Shuiqingxia the second half of a few decisive adjustments can be classically.Wang Shanshan, a 32-year-old veteran of China’s Women’s Soccer team, won the Asian Cup MVP award, which is more deserving.Unlike Wang shuang and Tang Jiali, Wang shanshan not only scored five goals in five games, but also made valuable defensive contributions in the semifinals and finals.In this game, Wang shanshan contributed 1 tackle, 1 interception and 1 block on the defensive end, and succeeded in 7 of 8 physical confrontations and 4 aerial confrontations.In addition, the success rate of all passes was as high as 87.3%, and after being pushed forward in the second half, the success rate of passes in the other half was as high as 84%, which is an important guarantee for China to reverse the game.Two key games, Wang Shanshan’s all-round performance at both ends of the attack and defense, let Shui Qingxia in the tactical arrangement and adjustment are handy, at the same time in the critical moment to come forward, but also let the young players see a model to learn.Tang Jiali shows the value of staying abroad, Shui Qingxia’s future plan to win the Asian Cup, Wang Shanshan proved what is old and healthy, Wang Shuang also proved the value of the star, and Tang Jiali returned from the English Premier League, but also need to prove the future direction of Chinese women’s football team.In the use of Tang Jiali, Shui Qingxia chose a gradual strategy.From the first game appeared more than ten minutes, to the second game 30 minutes, and then to the elimination of the first game, the state of Miss Tang was inspired step by step by Water Qingxia.Semifinal due to wang Frost’s accidental injury, Shui Qingxia began to attack the protagonist to Tang Jiali.Although tang failed to score a goal in the match against Japan, she fully displayed the advanced kicking style of European women’s soccer, which is more masculine, by running tirelessly and daring to fight with her body.At the same time also let Tang Harvest against Asia’s top team confidence.Such confidence benefited the guidance of Shui Qingxia and the Chinese women’s football team in the final. She made a steady penalty kick to narrow the gap, confidently broke through the one-two, and made an accurate baseline cross to assist. Tang Jialii perfectly showed the value of going abroad in just four minutes.Tang made two key goals, not only sounded the horn of Chinese women’s football counter-attack, and finally completed the reversal to win the championship.In the eyes of Coach Shui Qingxia, the direction of Chinese women’s football team’s future efforts are more determined, which is no less than winning the Asian Cup.At the end of the article: in the 5 matches of Asian Cup, we have seen the style of Shui Qingxia, the master tactician, the inheritance of the sonorous rose spirit of women’s football team, and the blueprint of the plan of staying abroad in the future.Winning the Asian Cup is not the end of The Chinese women’s football team, but a new starting point, we will continue to meet next year’s Women’s World Cup, look forward to the sonorous roses bloom more magnificent!# China wins Asian Women’s Football Cup #