Zhu Xinyi finished the 4th chemotherapy!Positive mood “like the weather” warm back cheer message

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Reporter Li Xiangwen/comprehensive report entertainer Zhu Xinyi recently took advantage of her 36th birthday to confirm to the public that she has suffered from breast cancer, hoping that by sharing her heart’s journey against cancer, more cancer friends can get the courage to treat.Although chemotherapy has brought many uncomfortable symptoms, Zhu xinyi is still optimistic about the face, 13 revealed that she has finished the fourth round of chemotherapy, but in a good mood, self-encourage “make persistent efforts”.Zhu xinyi finished her fourth round of chemotherapy.Zhu xinyi, who has lost all her hair due to chemotherapy, posted a photo of herself out in the sun on July 13, wearing a wig anda red fur hat. Although she covered her face with a mask, she could see a smile on her face.She also used five symbols of the sun to express her mood index, saying, “I finished my homework again, and I feel as good as the weather today.”Zhu xinyi has been diagnosed with breast cancer.Chu’s Diary: Thank you for all your messages of encouragement. I can’t reply to them all, but I read them all!So far, she has completed 4 times of chemotherapy, and surgery will be arranged after 2 more times. After discussing with the doctor, she has confirmed that her right breast will be removed, and the surgery is expected to be carried out in May.Zhu Xinyi to do chemotherapy process hard, but still facing.Zhu Xinyi (photo/Reporter Zhou Chengen) Zhu Xinyi admitted to the media on September 9 that she was very uncomfortable after chemotherapy and felt “like a nuclear explosion in her mouth” when she ate a little spicy food.She also revealed that after finishing chemotherapy, there are side effects, wounds on the body are difficult to heal, nails are easy to break, even blow your nose will bleed out of the nose, eyes pain can not open, so she deeply understand why some cancer friends can not survive, decided to stand up to share the road to cancer.