I became famous after MARRYING a bad guy

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“And the villain after marriage I burst red [wear books]” author: a little peach blossom mole type: through rebirth size: 835 KB Tag: rich family, love, first marriage love, entertainment, wear books, attack, redemption, pure love, the end of the summer evening wear books, became the book by the protagonist slag attack split the gun ashes.When he arrived, he was in the middle of a terrible engagement party, being wildly humiliated.Summer evening with hand caught the whole court highest most handsome most the man of gas field quietly appeal for help, in a quiet, good to see the man star eye that is close to extreme is small heavy, lip horn hook smile, quietly hook summer evening into the bosom.Later, xia learned that the handsome man who held him tightly in his arms turned out to be His brother, Huo Yu, the biggest villain in the book.In order to survive, summer night trembling and Huo Yu signed a marriage agreement, daily rainbow fart not money like crazy hair.In front of people, summer evening smiling face up, a kiss in Huo Yu lips, generous sweet praise.”My husband loves me the most.””Great husband.””I love my husband.””……”After people, summer night quietly stomach fei.”Mama’s dead clean fetish, kiss a mouthful not line.””You are a gentleman, you are cold.”Huo Yu was cold and ruthless, and would do anything to achieve his goal.Until that engagement party, the beautiful unsurpassed youth embarrassed to ask for help, but inadvertently held his hand falling to hell.At first, Huo yu was routine. “He was kind and naive. How could he have bad intentions?””Late evening is small fairy male, small fairy male say what all right.””……””Late late is my lover, who dares to move him once try?”Later, the routine did not know when to change the flavor, Huo Yu firmly xia Evening protection behind, as if who dared to move him, he could die with the other side.2. Summer night became popular overnight, and became the favorite of all major brands. The popularity was so high that even the top flow of the entertainment industry sighed, and a live broadcast brought millions of goods.A mistake, a sharp-eyed net friend in the summer evening desktop found another genius level explosive red new sharp painter’s semi-finished new painting.Net friend: Oh huo!Turns out my favorite host is the same person.Crazy for you, for you bang bang bang wall.So cute and so talented, I love you so much!The word “love you” spread all over the screen.That night, a new rich tycoon unbearable in the micro blog more a photo.In the photo, the two hands are intimately clasped.The smaller hand was wearing the same ring that never left his hand during the summer broadcast.For a while, the entire Internet fryer, Weibo nearly crashed.And at the same time, the rich Xue home also finally found the lost eighteen years of young master, the media published photos, by Xue’s husband husband tightly embraced in them, it is the summer evening.Three explosive hot search together on weibo, the network completely paralyzed.All: Wow, what surprises do you have that I don’t know about?That’s what I want at the top of my life!You are my light, illuminating the whole dark world behind me.Paranoid abdomen black beauty strong miserable attack X charming lovely heyday beauty foodie by a brief introduction: husband husband together, the world I have.Resolution: Positive, to open a new pattern of life