Village Love 14 aired six episodes, six couples love line exposure, Founder also found love

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“Country love 14” is hot broadcast, the current story has two big points, one is “Ivory Mountain kitchen God” competition, the other is ivory Mountain Taobao live base after the completion of live with goods, from the plot is still pretty funny, but the characters emotional problems has been a mystery.Old powder “township love” all know that the model is not much, husband and wife yong-qiang xie simeome a pair, a pair Zhao Yutian and liu ying, other except marriage divorce is quarrel, which always sweet show in Ma Zhonghe Li Daguo entwine, middle sosk three back to marriage, now sosk star to the moon fairy had died, role will gradually marginalized,Currently broadcast six episodes of Xie Bigfoot appearance time less than a minute, and bigfoot related to the sweet show, Xie Xiaomei, Huang Yizhi also did not appear, it seems that these characters are no longer important, but, the drama of “lovers” emotional line became the focus of the audience.A lee vice Li Fuzong king technician technician has been like, but Li Fuzong don’t call to him, under the fierce pursuit of king technician, Li Fuzong also feel king technician is a man of steadfast, finally compromise with him, but the appearance of the plot only Li Fuzong king technician shadow didn’t meet, don’t put an end to this relationship?To tell the truth, the king technician follow yong-qiang xie more than ten years, should be a senior engineer, and he always hill veteran, two people together to not appear problem, but a lot of the audience feel the king technician simply don’t deserve “xiao li secretary”, on the one hand, the appearance is not build, on the other hand is the king of the technician has no desire to do better;Wang Kaishan in Xie Yongqiang company for so long, no matter what is also a management level ah, but wang technician is still a “technician”, if Li and wang technician marry, it is really “flowers inserted in the dung”, at present their two feelings is a mystery.Li Big country and Li Qiuge are working in the water plant, usually see, it is hard to avoid feelings, especially Li Small country very like aunt Autumn song, which also let Li Big country slowly like Li Qiuge.Although Li Daguo and Li Qiuge have both been divorced before, they are both single and have successful careers, so the development of this relationship is also expected by the audience.Before Li Daguo is a “deceit philandering man” emotions, neglected to work to show concern, and Michael’s intervention, the two divorced, but sweet show and Michael after getting married, to live is not very good, also eventually divorced, although Li Daguo and sweet show a child, to Li Daguo incense show early without feelings, the rest is just the family;Li Qiuge and Wang Tianlai had a period of feelings, after breaking up back to Shanghai and others flash marriage, and later because of emotional divorce, Li Qiuge returned to ivory Mountain, just then met Li Daodong, two people from friendship slowly become love, I do not know whether they can go to the end.White qingming and Li Yinping white Qingming is a very successful career, but he is a full “cheating and playing with women’s feelings of man”, he first and Li Yinping together after breaking up, and Chen Yannan married and divorced, now and little Li teacher together.From the current plot: white Qingming and Xiao Li teacher has been back together.Miss Li also think white Qingming mature than before, is a man can be entrusted for life, but Miss Li’s father does not think so, he felt white Qingming too slag, before delay his daughter now to her again, really do not want to let her daughter suffer;But Miss Li seems to have been in love with White Qingming, according to the development of the plot, the two people should get married, if the white Qingming disappoint Miss Li again, then there is no way to stay in the ivory village.Four. Winning peacekeeping small double Zhang Zhongwei is hill director du, du small double is ivory mountain village secretary, two people a lot of communication at ordinary times, like du small double Zhang Zhongwei said many times before, but all the small double du refused, because in the small double heart Liu Yishui du is the perfect man, it can be Liu Yishui refused the small double du, this period of unrequited love feelings also came to an end.However, from the current plot du Xiaoshuang is likely to be together with Zhang Zhongwei, Zhang Zhongwei as the director of the villa, he introduced 100 thousand yuan of investment for Du Xiaoshuang, Du Xiaoshuang in love and reason to thank him;And with the ivory Mountain village Taobao live base built, the intersection of two people should be more, slowly produced feelings are also very likely, but Zhang Zhongwei’s talent has not been revealed, he with Du Xiaoshuang a little inappropriate.Five. Always like small, big and small great big can small cool don’t like her, don’t lose heart big always make romance to impress a little cool, but such a move was met with a little cool in the resent, in the hospital, little cool also made it clear, I also want to try to accept you, but I can’t do that, big very sad after was refused.However, judging from the latest plot, the elder still can’t forget xiao Shuang. He is always reciting ancient poems in the summerhouse, and people who don’t know him think he is crazy.And Song Xiaofeng and Li vice general also persuade big all the time, but big still careless work, just blindly immersed in unrequital love, still pull Song Xiaofeng drink ceaselessly to paralyze oneself, really do not understand big is like small cool where;Look according to gut development, big and small bright should still be able to have feeling line, small bright is a professional belt cargo advocate sow, and big mountain villa also needs this kind of talent, do not know two people can produce sincere feeling in the job?”Country Love” is filled with joy with the addition of “Ni Dahong,” who is back this season.Before Ni Dahong played hu fell in love with Yang Xiaoyan at first sight, want to pursue Yang Xiaoyan, but let Wang Dana found, the two people in the rivalry also became good friends.Now Hu suddenly appeared in the life of Yang Xiaoyan, back into the water plant into the investment of 3 million yuan, and then live in the water plant, Wang Dana know this news is very uncomfortable, feel that hu this is not to take their brothers, so go and hu theory, two people do not yield;From this matter, Yang Xiaoyan wang Dana accept hu to water plant investment is not real, even if a good friend will not be profitable, and Wang Dana has been worried about Yang Xiaoyan abandon themselves, this wang Dana meddling maybe really abandoned, do not know after arguing with each other, will there be a divorce drama?Seven. Founder found love Founder 1:Silver ping, I wish you happiness, let many audiences to break the proof, although the founder grow not good-looking, but he is really a spoony man, from elementary school teachers to kindergarten security, now looked at his chase girls into the arms of others, the in the mind very not taste, even small miss li to see policy lonely figure also want to introduce a girlfriend to founder.According to the theme of “Village love”, it is time for Fang Zheng to find a girlfriend, but most of the single young women in the play are not suitable, but now the play has a new character, she is Zhao’s niece Zhao Qun;Zhao Qun this character appeared before, looks like tiger bar ji, but it is very cheerful, before also clearly said like Founder, but Founder despise her;From the perspective of her personality, she should have a relationship with Fang Zheng, after all, Fang Zheng is the only single man in Ivory Mountain village, and from the trailer, it seems that the two people stand together.Country Love has been with us for 16 years. Many people and many things have changed, but what remains the same is that they bring joy to the audience.The characters are growing up and their emotional experiences are changing. Looking back, IT turns out that Country Love has already become a youth memory.Which couple are you most optimistic about?Do you think Technician Wang is good enough for Secretary Xiao Li?Welcome to comment.