5 wechat tips to know in 2022, every one of them is black technology, you know?

2022-07-17 0 By

The Spring Festival is over, we must have received a lot of red envelopes from family groups on wechat, wechat in addition to chatting and receiving red envelopes, there are many skills.Here are 5 wechat tips to know for 2022, each of them black tech, did you know?1, text translation text translation this function is wechat upgrade some time ago, you can enter three English letters in any chat window, there will be learning while translating, he can translate the text in the chat window into Chinese, English, Japan and South Korea.Some friends like to watch some live broadcasts in wechat. When someone sends you a message, you need to quit the broadcast room. Now even if you quit the broadcast room, it will also be narrowed in the wechat interface, so that you can watch live broadcasts while replying to messages.3, search search used wechat search function all know that before only input text to search, now you can search to map, upload the picture can search to the corresponding picture, such a search accuracy will be better than text search, but also more convenient for us to use.4, quick text recognition micro channel can also be used for office, you can open the micro channel small program inside the quick text recognition, it can identify the text or table content of the extraction picture, the picture can be uploaded.The recognition function of the small program is not so accurate. For more accurate recognition, you can use the APP of the same name.He in addition to the small program inside the two functions, but also can make documents, pictures to PDF, handwritten text extraction and other functions.5. Open the shooting function in wechat of the original camera, which is often used by us sometimes. The shooting pixel in wechat is not as high-definition as the original pixel of the phone.5 wechat tips to know in 2022, every one of them is black technology, you know?