“Man-machine coexistence” outside the stadium, Guangmingyuan 222nm excimer lamp is more comprehensive without contact elimination

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According to the report, since the introduction of the robot-oriented epidemic prevention logistics solution, chongli Hospital no longer needs medical staff to enter the infected buildings when transporting clean materials to the isolation ward.After receiving instructions from the medical staff, the robot will transport the supplies from the first floor to the third floor. On the way, it will pass through the “light vaccine gate” using guangming Source 222nm excimer lamp. After all-round disinfection with 222nm wavelength light, the coronavirus on the body surface will be destroyed and the replication ability will be lost, thus playing a role of elimination.The 222nm excimer lamp disinfection scheme adopted by “Light Vaccine Gate”, on the one hand, can easily achieve all-round disinfection effect, effectively solve the tedious disinfection process of the body of the hospital logistics robot, non-standard cleaning and disinfection and other problems, so that the robot logistics transportation can truly achieve the whole process without human intervention;On the other hand, the light of 222nm wavelength, which is harmless to human body, does not produce any harmful substances or chemical residues in the process of elimination, which can realize man-machine coexistence and precise elimination.The relevant person in charge of guang Ming source said that “light vaccine door” is only 222 – nm excimer lamps xiaosha plan part, the early development of the outbreak in 2020, guang Ming source research institutions to carry out the depth cooperation with universities, organize scientific research for the research and development team, developed a man-machine coexistence of 222 nm excimer light source as well as the quality is stable and reliable SafeGlo lamp series™ UV sterilization products, mass produced and marketed at home and abroad, contribute to the fight against the epidemic.The SafeGlo™222nm excimolecular lamp manufactured by Guangmbright Light Technology Co., Ltd. has been proven to kill the SARS-COV-2 virus that causes the COVID-19 epidemic, according to the results of a globally recognized CSIR laboratory test.Based on the excellent application effect of 222nm light source products in epidemic prevention operations, Guangmingyuan has also been recognized by the industry.In 2021, the technological innovation and manufacturing design of Guangmingyuan 222nm excimer lamps were recognized by China Lighting Industry Association. In October 2021, guangmingyuan won the “Second Prize of Science and Technology Innovation” of the 16th China Lighting Society.Since the large-scale spread of the epidemic in the world, how to realize the precise disinfection method of “man-machine coexistence” has been the focus of attention in public places where crowds gather and key places for epidemic prevention.Guangmingyuan 222nm excimer lamp elimination program uses 222nm wavelength light, in the case of not penetrating human skin and eyes, only to the irradiated air and object surface disinfection, elimination process is harmless to human body and human can not perceive, in the elimination process does not produce any harmful substances or chemical residues.Its realization of human-machine friendly coexistence of innovative functions, greatly expanded the use of ultraviolet disinfection.On the one hand, in the logistics park, cold-chain points, places such as airports, isolated hotel as the core of epidemic prevention key places, guang Ming source through SafeGlo ™ 222 – nm ultraviolet sterilization door, for separate hotel and hospital health security protection, improve the isolation hotel and hospital epidemic prevention and control, and reduce the risk of cross infection, for quarantine personnel, hotel workers, doctors, andThe patient’s health and safety are guaranteed.SafeGlo™222nm Uv sterilizing doors are used in isolated hotels, hospitals, restaurants, offices, conference rooms, sports rooms and other everyday public places, the SafeGlo™222nm UV sterilizing lamps directly by irradiating space, objects and human surfaces for safe disinfection of restaurant guests and employees, office workersProvide safe and effective sterilization guarantee.SafeGlo™222nm uv sterilizing lamps are being used in restaurants and offices, and Guangming Yuan is still developing more 222nm light products to provide effective support for the joint fight against COVID-19.(Disclaimer: the content of this article is published or reproduced by this website, which only represents the author’s personal views and has nothing to do with this website.For readers’ reference only, and please verify the relevant content.)