Take the initiative to tease you, but not necessarily like your constellation, do not be deceived by their appearance!

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In relationships and relationships, there are a lot of people who think that if a person is proactive, they are easy to talk to, and they respond every time, it means that the other person may have some good feelings for them.But the truth is that this kind of thing is different from person to person, because some people may talk to you very hard, but they don’t really like you.There are even some people who even take the initiative to talk to you, take the initiative to ask you, but also very likely just to relieve the mood of the moment.This type of person can be very confusing.Their heterosexual edge is often better, there is no lack of heterosexual friends, but they are easy to give each other the illusion, let each other mistakenly think that they have a good impression, so as to become their spare tire.Today we talk about these from the point of view of the chart, take the initiative to talk about you, but not necessarily like your sign, do not be fooled by their appearance!In our personal chart, the rising sign represents our mask of personality.When a person’s rising star is in Gemini, they give the outside world an image of being more talkative.This person is afraid that the atmosphere will become awkward, so they will always take the initiative to liven up the atmosphere.Because of this, they may interact with different types of people, and they can talk to all types of people.But don’t let that fool you. They are just a certain way under certain circumstances, not because they are really interested in you.Especially if this person’s moon is also in Gemini, their Gemini characteristics will be very strong.Because the moon is in Gemini and rising is in Gemini, it means that the moon is in their first house of life at the same time.The moon in this position is very good at taking care of people and is able to detect other people’s emotional changes.In addition, the communication characteristics of Gemini will make them feel awkward or need to communicate, they will take the initiative to attack, even when others take the initiative to communicate with them, they will show a friendly state.But capturing the heart of a Gemini moon is very difficult, because this kind of person, they want not only soul fun, but also the soul connection.To all the Gemini energy is very strong people, whether in friends or lovers, should be more carefully to observe, to consider, not only to their surface image to make a judgment, or you are likely to fall into the wrong area, so as to make the wrong judgment.The moon and Venus are conjoined in Sagittarius. Besides Gemini, there is another fluctuating sign in your chart that is also very elusive in love.They are Sagittarius.When the moon and Venus are in Sagittarius at the same time, this person is very humorous, very friendly with the opposite sex, very talkative, and is very popular in any situation.The problem with this type of person is that while they may act friendly, they may not really be interested in you.They have a wide range of interests and hobbies, and especially like to make friends, call all kinds of friends.And with Venus and moon in Sagittarius, especially boys, they have a desire to conquer from the bottom of their hearts.This is due to the Character of Sagittarius, who is half man, half horse, more of a hunter.The hunter’s desire to conquer others is what he shows in his emotions.So when the moon and Venus appear to be in Sagittarius, these people may appear interested in you, but they don’t necessarily really like you.Because there’s a good chance they’re just doing it on a whim, and when they do, and they find out you’re nothing more than that, they’ll run away.