What is 5-year higher vocational education?

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Five-year higher vocational education refers to five-year higher vocational and technical education, mainly undertaken by higher vocational and technical schools.1. Five-year higher vocational education is an important part of Higher vocational education in China.Junior three is usually secondary vocational education stage;The latter two years are the period of higher education.Upon completion of the courses and passing grades, the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China will supervise the production of the students and grant them the “Full-time College Diploma” approved by the state.2. On the basis of completing secondary vocational education, five-year higher vocational positions have some college culture, and have also cultivated strong professional skills and senior technical personnel, whose knowledge is imparted on the basis of timeliness and practicality.In China’s higher education, the employment rate of 5-year higher education positions is much higher than that of undergraduates.3. Five-year higher vocational and technical education enrolls junior high school graduates and implements a five-year system or differentiated higher vocational education.The first three years are managed according to the management method of secondary vocational education, and the next two years are managed in higher education.For joint classified training with ordinary higher vocational and technical colleges and secondary vocational schools, the latter two years of higher vocational education must be held in institutions of higher learning.